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Art Director: Chris Noble

Photo Editor: Ryan “Huggy” Hughes

Photographer: Lorenz Holder

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Heidi Volpe

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  1. Yeah, Snowboarder. Lorenzo has been putting out killer images for awhile now. Glad to see Huggy getting some art director credit. Snowboard photography is a super competitive industry with so many hipsters and rich kids that it’s pretty insane. It’s also really small.

    If anyone wants to check out more awesome snowboard photography I would encourage them to check out Frequency “The Snowboarder’s Journal” it’s a higher end printed coffee book type mag. Also some other mags like: Snowboard and Transworld Snowboarding. Other photographers that kill it: E-Stone, Jeff Curtis, Bud Fawcett and many more.

    Glad to see different photographs on the daily edit. Awesome..