Getting Off Your Arse In Times When The Black Dog Is Upon Your Shoulder

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I started the project at a time when work had been very quiet for several weeks. I had barely seen or spoken to anybody. In times like those your reserves of confidence can literally eat themselves up in minutes. Since the demise of analogue/film in my world, the opportunities to meet and spend time with other like minded types have been heavily diminished. […]The ’140 Characters’ thing was my attempt to meet people, as well as ‘self assign’ a project that would fill up some time, inspire me and also serve as a big, barbed stick with which to keep the Black Dog away.

via Chris Floyd: Clean Living Under Difficult Circumstances..

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  1. Thank you, Rob, for posting this. It’s a great reminder. Earlier this year, I too started a little side project during a slow time, and it was immensely worthwhile. I consider it complete now, but it sowed the seeds for another personal project to begin soon. See the first project at I’d recommend something like this to anyone; pick a topic that you’re genuinely interested in, and follow it down the rabbit hole, and see where it goes. I could almost guarantee you, if the passion is there, it’ll turn into something fruitful and rewarding.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I definitely agree that assigning yourself something to shoot is always rewarding in one way or another. I’ve had a number of opportunities come my way after taking the initiative to start shooting something on my own. If nothing else, it at least keeps you thinking about new ideas.

  3. Thanks for this post Rob. I encourage everyone to visit Chris’ blog (link at bottome of post) to read the whole story and see a lot of the images. Very cool and inspirational.

  4. Another poignant story of how personal work and self assignments can lead towards work that we all desire. Personal work freshens the perspective, so I have to thank Chris for sharing his experience. Congradualtions on having the portrait at the NPG too.