Americansuburb X: Interview with Brett Weston (1991)

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“I would rather have 10 people who understand and appreciate my work, than ten thousand who get excited because they’re told it’s the thing to do. I love appreciation, we all do. But, I don’t photograph for anybody but myself.”

“I don’t think of it in terms of money. Once the work is completed that’s a different thing. I might make a portfolio to sell, but I don’t have that thought in mind when I go out to make a photograph. I do it just for the love and excitement.”

Read the full interview (here).

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  1. AMSX is one of the BEST photo-history photoblogs out there. I check in every day. Thanx Rob for passing this around!

    • @JMG,
      Agreed! If only they would clean up the site a little so my computer doesn’t always hang up when I open it.

  2. Am I missing the attribution or is ASX copying the interview whole cloth from some book, like he did (apparently) for the Eggleston piece which is just the essay from the Whitney retrospective book? The Diane Arbus piece is an AD Coleman essay copped from somewhere. Coleman even has a subscription portal so I am presuming he would like to be paid?

    I like sharing but…that whitney piece was like 10,000 words.

    There is education, then there is coat-tailing. Explain me the difference.

  3. Adler Chalk

    Brett Weston has left a plethora of works that are inspiring, each in a unique way.