Professional Photographer Webcast Episode 5
Topic: Working with an agent
When: Wednesday, December 4th at 2:00 EST
Where: Here on and Google +

Suzanne Sease and I will be joined by artist rep Heather Elder. Suzanne as you may know comes from the Art Buying side of the business with many years of experience working at Advertising Agencies. Heather is an agent for 8 top commercial and editorial photographers several of whom also shoot motion. In addition to repping she has a must read blog called “Notes From A Rep’s Journal” where she shares the inside dope on working with Art Buyers, Estimating and all things concerning photographers and reps. She’s not afraid to tell it how it is, so I’m really excited to have her on the webcast Wednesday.

I know you will have lots of questions for her so fire away by email (Note: you will remain anonymous on the webcast, I will not share your identity with anyone) or during the webcast on Google+.

You can see our previous episodes over on the APE Google+ page (here).

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