Once Instagram Disappears What’s Next?

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Once Instagram disappears, and it will, what’s next? I’m already getting bored of it. I think it has served its purpose. We need to find another outlet, especially since in a couple of years we’ll all be on a level playing field in terms of the number of followers, so we’ll have to look at something else.

via Benjamin Lowy: “The end of Instagram?” » FLTR.

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  1. If the level numbers of followers is why you’re there, then surely you will be over it.
    If you’re there for inspiration by the many excellent participants in the global community and the opportunity to raise your game to their level, then you might stick around.

    Cheers, love yer blog

    • I think if you read the very interesting article in the link it provides context to the quote. I understood it as somone who is not chasing followers but someone trying to find a fresh creative outlet where quality matters more than the number of followers, yet where you’re still able to get your work seen.

  2. Why not just try EyeEm as a “fresh creative outlet where quality matters”? Disclaimer: says an EyeEm employee.

  3. Everything about Facebook and its Instagram product creeps me out. I have not used Instagram. I will not use it. And I don’t wish I did. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t wish for the eventual downfall of both Facebook and Instagram.

  4. Quality matters on EyeEm?! Ha! EyeEm is garbage filled garbage. If you want your feed overwhelmed with fish lips selfies from teenage girls and creepy adult males, with no way to block such people from appearing in your feed, then yes, EyeEm is the app for you!