Discovering Digital Landscapes At 75

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…I enjoy digital more. I don’t carry a computer. I come inside in the evening, and until 12 o’clock I look at the screen on the back of the camera, and I eliminate.

Landscape photography is fantastic. It’s not by chance that as they get older many photographers start with the landscape. There are certain things you have to do to photograph people — you have to be able to run.  If you photograph people, all of the time you are running after something and you are losing all the time. With landscapes you are waiting all the time. It’s much more relaxing.

via Josef Koudelka: A Restless Eye –

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  1. There is truth in his statement about shooting people. I feel that way sometimes, especially lately.

    He says he’s done with wide angle, but usually panoramic cameras use wide angle lenses; which length is he using to accommodate that format? Also, is the format provided by a firmware thing, or did they actually produce a special sensor?