In High School My Friends Were In Bands But I Couldn’t Sing Or Play Instruments So Instead I Became The Photographer

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When I was 16 years old and in high school, all my friends were in bands. I could never sing (I’m beyond horrible) or play any instruments, so instead I became the photographer. I would help them build press kits and band profiles for their websites, experimenting along the way and learning everything I could about the technical side of photography.

Those early images slowly built a portfolio of portraits, and to make a long story short: this slowly translated into the entertainment and advertising style work I do now.

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  1. More or less how I got started, and I’ll bet many, many others (maybe after an internship being the family photographer on trips). You learn so much, for something that seems so inconsequential, especially if, like with me, the bands just practiced and never actually performed. You’re among friends, so you’re more than just some photographer, you’re the member of the group charged with taking the photos. And there’s a very clear goal: cool pictures. The band members help out a little (have to work harder with the drummer to get good angles, etc), while you keep trying and hopefully get positive feedback. It’s a great way to take a first step toward “serious” photography without even realizing it at the time.