There Is Something More Intimate About A Printed Portfolio

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Sometimes it is really nice to sit and look at books.  Let’s be honest, images look different printed.  You can really get a sense of how an artist sees his/her images.  While we love the ease of searching for photographers and illustrators online and being able to send creatives links…there is just something more intimate about a printed portfolio.

We like to take our time and talk about each book and about the individual images.  We discuss the pagination, composition, consistency, palette, last night’s date, weekend plans, printing quality…you get the idea.

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  1. I’m battling with this idea more and more as I push portfolios around and push around images in my portfolio based on how they play in each medium.

    Thing is, do you think this is a shortfall of the current web and how images are displayed? Or is it an advantage that print will always possess?

  2. I rarely print my own photos, but I’m not a professional. I don’t really have a portfolio.
    There is something more visceral about printed images. They have more impact – on me. When I see digital images, even the most amazing images, I look at them briefly. But when I see an image in person, like a painting or a printed photograph, I can spend a much longer time viewing it. I’m attracted to the texture, the reality of it.

    If I ever need a professional portfolio, I’ll have both options available – digital and print – and focus on the printed portfolio.