A business with no profit is just a hobby

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Running a business isn’t all about the money. And it shouldn’t be. As an entrepreneur, you should be passionate about what you do, be motivated to help others, and have a desire to make the world a better place.

But none of that can happen if you can’t keep yourself “in business.”

The best business advice I ever received and what I did about it via Graphic Design Blender | Freelance Design Blog.

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  1. Some types of artistic ventures take years to make it a profitable “business”. If you are lucky enough to have another job that pays you, you can keep at it. If you don’t persevere in your desired artistic endeavor, you may never succeed at it. I write picture books for children, and had I worried about that it wasn’t a profitable business, I might have given up and not gotten published. But I don’t consider it a hobby. My writing life it is most certainly a business now for which I must file taxes and “work” at my craft.