How Some Of His More Comical Images Came Together

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I was looking for strange, absurd situations, going on endless tours to festivals, campgrounds, and shopping centers. If I found an interesting place, I could stand there for hours, waiting. I often get asked if my pictures are staged. They are not, but I always try to be very visible as a photographer, and I don’t know how much I influence a situation, just by having a camera.

Lars Tunbjörk

via Photo Booth: The New Yorker.

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  1. Professor Walter Heisenberg’s famous (and mostly mis-understood) “Uncertainty Principle” about Quantum theory and sub atomic particles comes to mind. Heisenberg said that when you are trying to locate and determine the direction of motion of an electron, you can either say where it is or where it came from or where it is going but you can’t simultaneously say where it is, was or where it will and where it be. Also that the action of observation and the tools used for the observing changes what you are observing.