The most important element in this whole equation? Taking yourself seriously.

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Too often I hear from freelancers who creep and crawl and act meek as though I would be doing them some sort of favor by hiring them. Gotta tell ya, it doesn’t smack of “I can do the job” and instead makes me question their abilities. Is this joker some sort of amateur? Why are they acting like a fresh grad with no portfolio?

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  1. Authenticity is important. Speak at the same level as your portfolio, whatever you think that is. Walk into an interview with attitude and a totally inappropriate body of work and you’ll be kicked out just as fast as if you show good work and act scared.

  2. If you lack elf confidence you will not be able to do the things necessary to be successful. So find it somewhere; peer reviews, portfolio review by a consultant that is well respected.

    If you don’ believe in yourself you won’t be able to produce the images for your portoflio because the lack of confidence will show. I have fist hand exerience with some days where I feel like a clutz and get flustered trying to make decisions. You can’t let it happen.

    Just get out there and do what you know.

  3. I agree that self confidence is a good thing but too much can kill it as well.

    I feel the best thing you can do is to be honest with yourself and the work you produce. If you big-note yourself about your work and you pull out an awful portfolio-you are only doing yourself a disservice.

    I know I’m not a brilliant photographer, and I would never claim to be one. I just don’t understand how people think talking the talk is how to win a gig…

  4. I (we) create and market images for a living (take pictures and sell them) – a very competitive and often disrespected profession; some amount of egotism and self-aggrandizing is required ! “Why are they acting like a fresh grad with no portfolio?” – If YOU do not believe in yourself …. no one will.