Prix Pictet Award Goes To Nadav Kander

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UPDATE: Jeanette Ward the Publicist from just called me on the phone to bitch at me for breaking their news embargo on the winner of this prize. I was told all the photographers were very upset that I made the announcement. I think it’s insane that you would email blast bloggers the winner of a prize you haven’t handed out yet. PR at its worst.

Kofi Annan awards £60,000 (CHF100,000) Prix Pictet photography prize for environmental sustainability to Nadav Kander

Nadav Kander (Israel, 1961)
Nominated for Yangtze, The Long River Series, 2006-07
Kandar has documented the rapidly changing landscape and communities of China’s Yangtze River, from its mouth to source. More people live on the river’s 6500km of banks than in America. However, China’s current programme of development is also destroying the country’s heritage and displacing many of its people. Kander is a regular contributor to many international publications, including The New York Times Magazine, for whom he recently documented ‘Obama’s People’. His many international awards and nominations include most recently the Silver Photographer of the Year Award at the Lianzhou International Photo Festival 08 in China.


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  1. I believe that information shouldn’t have been released until 9pm (paris Time), no? :-)

    • @Xavier,
      Yes, didn’t catch it but honestly the PR firm just sends embargoed material out to people they never talked to before that they pulled of a list somewhere. What do you expect?

  2. if it wasn’t supposed to be released, why send out an email to people?
    they dropped the ball, not rob.

    and i’m not just sayin that because it’s your blog and trying to stroke your ego, rob.


  3. Nice. Congratulations to Nadar for the great work.

    For the 2nd consecutive year the Pictet’s jury focus on the relation between China and the environmental damage.

    I wonder if this has to be intended as a statement or if from next year onwards is better to file Chinese portfolios only………. .

    Embargo or not embargo, for sure not a matter of EGO.
    Rob please continue to keep us informed. And thanks for this excellent product.


  4. Tottaly agree about this PR !
    Send email to inform and you don’t want information published ?
    ….Wicht drug are you having girl ? please tell me you’r under drug, other wise, I don’tget it …

  5. Nadav seems to be having a pretty good week, all in all.

    He should buy a lottery ticket and back a couple of horses while the sun is shining on him…..


  6. Wow. Mass announcing a prize winner to bloggers and getting upset when they blog it.


  7. scott Rex Ely

    Actually I would argue that it was PR at it’s best. Ms. Ward’s expectations are what are misplaced. I found this great resource for PR strategies and here’s what Stephan Pollard has to say in his section on content:
    “Your content actually bears THREE burdens, which is another reason why it’s more important now than ever:

    It has to generate the results you want. The mechanics of deliverability shouldn’t make you overlook your prime reason for sending e-mail in the first place, whether to drive sales, report news, request an action, or confirm a transaction.

    It has to get you into the inbox. As I noted above, your recipients’ actions on previous messages drive this. Have you consistently met or exceeded subscriber expectations? If not, your content needs work.

    In the inbox, your message must stand out in a rising tide of e-mail clutter, including not just more frequent commercial e-mail but also social-network notifications and alerts.”END
    As fast as this was apparently redistributed, I’d say lemonade. (emphasis mine)

  8. interesting that everybody seems to agree that it was bad PR without hearing the other side but nobody asks the question what in a million years these highly aestheticized pictures could do for the environment in China. Nada!

  9. barbara hudson

    hello Dov.

    do you remember me. tracey and craigs mom. do you still visit s.a/
    are your mom and dad still in london.

    please let me know if and when ypu visit por mixed up country.