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Anything you want to know about becoming an assistant or if you’re a photographer looking to hire an assistant can be found at:

I love how the review of the new OctaPlus57 includes this important tidbit: “No more pinched or smashed fingers during setup or break down like you get with the Elinchrom Octabank.”

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  1. I’ve had great success with James and have found his training to be excellent. He’s also a stand-up guy who really cares about what he does….Thanks!

  2. James is such a positive force in this business.
    We are lucky to have him as an advocate and for training the up-and-coming crews that will be on our shoots.
    His Assistant Bootcamps and Digital Tech Workshops
    truly prepare a budding assistant for real world situations.
    We should all feel indebted to his perseverance into making the climate more professional and fair.

  3. I owe much credit to James/NYC and for the successes I have had as a Digital Tech and Assistant. The website, ebook and workshops are geared toward freelance professionals and the advice is top-notch!

    Starting out, I followed the method described in the ebook to a T and had solid booking within days.

  4. Hey guys, I might be a lil blind, but I can not find this eBook everyone talks about.
    Could someone post a link to it?

    Cheers :)


  5. Link pointer

    If you look at the top right corner of the web site you will see a BIG Orange banner ad. That is the link to the eBook.
    Or you can go here.

  6. I’ve been a user of almost since it’s inception, when it was first called Although I haven’t met James personally, I know he’s doing a bang-up job with the website as I’ve watched it evolve. It’s a great asset to me, since I travel back-and-forth between Los Angeles and Minneapolis quite frequently. The assistants listing I have at has offered me opportunities at some jobs I may not have gotten otherwise. The content and service he provides assistants just can’t be found any other pace online. I just can’t seem to figure out how James can keep the website running as well as he does with all the work I know he’s doing in New York assisting all those big-shot photographers! Kudos to James!

    Hi Brooks!