Steve McCurry Interview- PDN

He sometimes advises young photographers, “If you want to be a photographer, you have to photograph. If you look at the photographers whose work we admire, they’ve found a particular place or a subject, dug deep into it, and carved out something that’s become special. And that takes a lot of time and a lot of work – that’s not for everyone.”

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Fine Art in the Digital Age

This comes from James Danzinger’s blog The Year In Pictures (here).

Tonight marks the opening of The Sartorialist’s exhibition at Danziger Projects. (6 – 8 pm. 521 West 26th Street.) All are welcome.

The idea for the show began when I landed on The Sartorialist’s blog for the first time this past July and was wowed by the quality of his pictures. Here was a highly accomplished photographer with a uniquely personal point of view taking pictures digitally and then posting them on his blog. There was no connection to the art world evident – but I felt that here was the first real fine art photographer of the digital age.

First real fine art photographer of the digital age” is a pretty big statement to make but I can certainly get behind someone who takes decent pictures but has excellent taste in subjects and has created a very narrow body of work.

VII Adds Photographers

VII adds a handful of of new photographers (here) who are not members but associated and distributed by the agency calling them “network photographers.” I’d say that’s a pretty awesome association to be in. Three of my favorite PJ’s were added: Ben Lowy, Stephanie Sinclair and Balazs Gardi.

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Getty Images For Sale

A little late (stock market imploded already) but I guess they see something on the horizon they don’t like.

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Golfweek Editor Fired

After attempting to spark newsstand sales with a noose on the cover (here) in reference to a Golf channel anchor comment about lynching Tiger Woods.

Editors do all kinds of shit to sell magazines on the newsstand but I can’t imagine what this guy was thinking.

CNN Serious about I-Report

Rick Schwartz just sold CNN the domain for $750,000. Schwartz bought the domain in 1997 for “$70 to $100,” he told Silicon Alley Insider. CNN likely bought the domain for its I-Report program. You know, the one where You The Viewer get to do all the work.

Via, ValleyWag (here).

Larry Lessig’s Free Book

The Future of Ideas’ now available for free (here). Somehow he convinced Random House to allow him to give it away on his website. Sheesh, next thing you know people will be paying me to read their book.

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Interview With Alex Bogusky of CP+B

…”the most polarizing ad agency on the planet.” They moved to Boulder, CO not to long ago for a change of lifestyle.

I can get behind that idea.

Via Heath Korvola (here) and Fast Company Magazine (here).

Equinox Ads Shot by Ellen Von Unwerth

Sexy new ad’s shot by Ellen and created by Fallon will separate Equinox from the rest of the pack in the very competitive January fitness sign-up cycle.

Via New York Times (here).

Ford Copyright Conundrum

 Update: Clarification on what happened by Ford PR Department in the Comments.

Black Mustang Club members shoot pictures of their cars and make a calendar for sale on CafePress. Ford has the calender removed claiming all images are the property of ford. Stupid.

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