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I want to create a couple resource pages for photographers with your opinion about the various services in the comments. If you are game for it I’d like to start with printing mailers.

A great resource for looking at mailers and promos is the blog No Plastic Sleeves:
You can also visit many of the agent sites on our Agent List and they will many times show promos on their blog (just click the rss feed icon on the listing to visit an agents blog directly).

Wonderful machine has an excellent resource page where they list lots of companies under Printing – Business Cards & Mailers.

I know that Modern Postcard is an old standby for printing mailers and Moo has been very popular in the recent past, but what else do you recommend?


Agency Access “does a great job, quality is a bit better and a bit pricier”

Paper Chase Printing In LA “does a really good job”

PsPrint “been using them for years and they do nice work”

4by6 “really great printing quality and paper. their color has been incredibly accurate too”

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  1. I have been using for years. They do very nice work. I’ve done postcards and biz cards through them.

  2. I’ve been using for my promos. Really great printing quality and paper. Their color has been incredibly accurate too.

  3. I’ve been very happy with MOO and Next Day Flyers. For my next piece, an 11×17 tri-fold, I’m going to try It’s a smaller run, and sharpdots will let you run a smaller quantity.

  4. I’ve used both agency access printing and 4×6 for post cards. Love both, but AA quality is a bit better I think… Though it is quite a bit pricier.

  5. Charles Billings

    Have been happy with Modern Postcard in the past.
    Remember, we’re generating junk mail here.
    Remember when A Photo Editor was still anonymous, and posted a video of the ton of stuff which found its way into his office and into a pile in the corner?

    Would love to know if anyone has recommendations for tabloid-sized newsprint promos? Short run.