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  1. […] Link: National Geographic Top 10 of 2012 Fantastic to hear from the EIC Chris Johns on his favorite images from the magazine this year. Every magazine that takes photography seriously should do this. […]

  2. Agreed! More magazines should do a “year in review” video (or feature) highlighting & talking about some of their favorite/most successful photographs or shoots from that year. Great idea.

  3. “…bad weather makes great pictures.”
    I love that bit of wisdom!

  4. I’m pretty sure all of these are photos submitted to their website by the public, and I’m guessing there are a lot of people these days who only know about National Geographic through these user submission efforts (Daily Dozen, Photo of the Month, etc). Not saying it’s good or bad (I’ve certainly submitted to them), only that a photography brand such as National Geographic is doing it in such a big way. And one very interesting aspect is, people from all over the world submit photos, alleviating the need for assignment type of photography to some extent (still need it for the deeper stories I’d say).

    • did you watch the video? Martin Schoeller did not submit his image. It was an assignment along with the others.

  5. Pick a typology and pithy the hell out of it. People will get it if it’s beautiful.
    Seems pretty simple to me.

  6. Mitch Dobrowner- Love his work. One of most surreal bad weather pics.

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