How Photography Is Like Prostitution

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“Like what you see?” If so… then you talk money.

If you want to get paid you bring that up as soon as there is interest.

via Ask Me Anything About Photography • Zack Arias.

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  1. “Don’t roll over in bed and then wonder how to get paid after you just got screwed.” Love that one, too. Zack’s great at being so deadly serious, yet so funny at the same time.

  2. Isn’t this a bit like walking into a shop and the shop asisstant pops up out of nowhere to ask if you need any help? Then again, saying that He does have a point.
    Zack, where have you bee all my life…

  3. recall a quote from a while back from Lord Snowden likening photography to prostitution. – in the beginning you do it for friends for free because you like it, then you get more professional and expect to be paid – Not exact but that’s what I recall..

  4. So that’s why 95% of the time the first words I hear are, “how much do you charge for…”. I think I’ll start using, “For you baby, I’ll do it for $___________ and I’m worth every penny!”

    Then if Photography has become a commodity, then prostitution already was one? That means someday we’ll be recognized as the worlds oldest profession! LOL