30 Years of BAD Pictures (Bruce Albert Dale)

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Relive the glory days though Bruce Dale’s career at Geographic.

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  1. You can tell he would rather talk about what he does and other people rather than himself. A life of work any person would be envious to have created.

  2. Really enjoyed this segment. What a retrospective of work! Old school when a photographer new what they were getting in the shot before the shutter button was every pushed. What I was really drawn to was the stories of the relationships formed from being on assignment and how they lasted through the years. Being behind the camera and working with people for many years too, many times I felt honored to be a part of something memorable where the trust was put into you not only as a photographer, but also as a person.

  3. Bruce is obviously a Master Photographer able to solve technical problems as well as having the sensitivity to see and capture moments of beauty in everyday life.

    I was fortunate to have met him at the Eddie Adams’ Workshop in 1995 as I was about to embark on an around-the-world project in which I retraced Mark Twain’s route around the world.

    Bruce and I traded emails as I slowly made my way around the globe. He offered insight and support on a long and sometimes lonesome project.

    When I returned, he hand carried my mock-up to National Geographic Books Publishing Division. What a mensch! I am forever indebted.

    Thanks for shining the light on him.