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  1. Man, to be a visual artist in the 70’s….

  2. This was about Sticky Fingers? Funny how Warhol completely ignored Jagger’s advice about not making it complicated. Odd that Jagger refers to it as their new “hits album” though.

  3. Where can I find a high res version of this? I need to frame it.

  4. I Like this part a lot: “…and please write back saying how much money you would like.”

    • What a beautiful thing, just two artist who mutually want to work with one another and price is an after thought.

  5. yeah…….that’s what my clients always tell me!

  6. Sticky Fingers was ’71. Was this Greatest Hits?

    • Yes, this was Sticky Fingers (according to Wikipedia, artwork was conceived by Warhol, for the first album on Rolling Stones Records).

  7. Andy’s response must have been for Mick to send a signed blank check to begin production.

  8. He didn’t listen to Mick at all! I agree, Mark. That was one of the most complex covers of all time.

    • The plain one looks like a Carbon Copy (CC) pretty standard for business correspondence back in the day.

  9. publishing a photo without any proof of authenticity is the most stupid thing a photo editor can do.

  10. super sweet ………………..I wish this was the case these days …………….SIGH!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. “Please also find enclosed 2 grams of cocaine which must be ingested prior to any design work.”

  12. Awesome and historical.

  13. Not bad at all :-)
    Will pass it on to (potential) clients & keep the wise words in mind when I hire creative people myself…

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