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  1. Al Franken…What a maroon. See what happens to comedians when they’re not funny anymore? The take their tired act to Washington.

    • What a “maroon”? You’re trolling us, right?

      • You must not have grown up watching Bugs Bunny! It’s Bug’s word for moron.

        • Actually its a racist euphamism for escaped slaves that lived on the barrier islands of S. Carolina and the like.

          • It’s also a color, the name of several newspapers and a term to describe someone stuck out at sea, but since we’re talking about a has-been comedian in this case, I believe the term still applies…

    • ” See what happens to comedians when they’re not funny anymore? The take their tired act to Washington.”
      Certainly applies to the Pauls, Boehner, Bachmann, etc. as well.

      • It doesn’t apply at all. None of those you mentioned were comedians! Franken only makes a mockery of the process because he’s just that. A professional “mocker”. Nothing else. And James, original?, child please….

        • You mean Bachmann was being serious this whole time? Geez…..

          • Hideously accurate burn! ;D

    • Al’s a good guy. I’ve met him several times. He represents my state, and I’m proud to have voted for him in 2008. He’s still a comic, for sure, and made a hilarious toast/speech at a friend of mine’s wedding. But when he’s not joking around he’s passing useful laws like the amendment added to the 2010 Defence Appropriations Bill which forbids government contractors from blocking employees’ right to trial in instances of rape, sexual assault, or battery. The amendment passed, even with 30 Senators voting against it! (Google “Jamie Lee Jones” for the whole story.) He proves you can be funny and effective.

    • Rsstuart, no one here gives a shit what you think. This is a photo industry blog for working professionals. The only reason you are here commenting is that you most likely got a Google news alert about Al Franken being mentioned in this piece. Take your political opinions to a political blog. We don’t care what you have to say, so do go and fuck off back to your den and continue watching Bugs Bunny cartoons.

      • Moe, I beg to differ. You obviously care quite a bit by the tone of your response. And, if you’ll read my comment again, it doesn’t mention anything about politics, other than his location in Washington. I simply don’t think he’s a funny guy.
        Now, you on the other hand are hilarious. To get that worked up about a quote from a Bugs Bunny cartoon is actually pretty funny. I would say your attitude reflects poorly on other professional photographers, but I know better as I am also a professional photographer that reads and follows this blog regularly.
        I hope you have a better day tomorrow and you can now go back to cleaning the dust off your sensor.

    • I’d rather have a comedian in Washington than a JOKE of a president like George W Bush.

  2. Damn can you send him over here to run in the UK please?

  3. It’s worth donating 5 bucks simply because it’s 1 of the most original pieces of writing to be found on the internet these days.

  4. hahaha- Anything but GOP- Hey it’s not my country but I think the GOP’s are fear and hate mongers.

  5. Al Franken is great. If you think he’s a moron than either you don’t follow politics at all or you have some pretty serious issues that you shouldn’t bring up in public.

  6. True that.

  7. You can make a living posing for stock photos??

    • Most of the models do it as trade for photos in return for a model release. So, I’d say it’d be hard to make it doing just stock. BUT, I know several people that make a living from shooting stock photos.

  8. I thought the ad was posted here to engage a discussion about the cleverness, (or lack thereof), of the ad. Didn’t know it was posted to engage a political debate.

  9. Does the public at large really even know/care about stock photography? Not likely. Its amusing to me, confusing to voters.


      But seriously, I know nothing about stock photography but this came through nice and clear. I think anyone with half a brain and a sense of humour is going to be OK; the rest are probably voting Republican anyway.

  10. You guys can talk all you want to about Frankin, personally I wont touch the politics but I have always thought he was short a few punchlines when it came to cognitive capabilities.

  11. I love this ad.
    I love Al Franken, He’s smart, and funny
    I hate Rstuart, he’s a troll

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