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  1. No comments on this one? We must all love it, I know I do.

  2. Who wouldn’t like an attractive woman in a bikini top, especially when the design flows from the beginning of the two piece era.

  3. Beautiful model in a swimsuit and people prefer to talk about copyright infringement – go figure. Love the retro look. So why was this look chosen?

  4. Nice work Ben, David, Susan & Julie. : >

  5. I had to view this one again after reading through all the copyright postings comments. Maybe I needed a break after reading through those. This classic image is an example of why we keep doing what we do.

  6. Like.

  7. There is an additional image in the iPad edition I might like even more so.

  8. only 6 comments when everyone loves the photo (and tightly so, too). let’s try to be vocal about positivity also!

  9. *rightly

  10. Love.

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