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  1. This gave me a headache. lol

  2. Perfect! I can’t tell you how often I have to email blogs to credit an image of mine. Most are apologetic and add the credit asap but I’d say 10% just don’t give a damn and don’t reply to me at all.

  3. ahh, bliss! gotta post this to my facebook fan base.

  4. The nouns “credit” and “photographers” used simultaneously is user dependent.

  5. this gets me back to wondering whether it is a good idea for a pro photographer to have a tumblr page. stuff just gets reblogged with one click and is often not credited or linked back. hmmm…

  6. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Love it!

  7. WOW – thanks for posting on this topic. I think it is becoming a really big issue for photographers. I am an art director and my hubby is a photographer. We have a blog together with all original photography. Right now image sourcing sites like Tumblr are public enemy #1. They don’t credit us for any of the work we do! We like Pintrest better because at least the link to our blog is under the photo, written so you can click it AND see it.

    We are relatively new to the blogging world and I was shocked by how many blogs re-purposed other peoples work. And these blogs have advertising. So now they are making money on others work? What is the difference between a blog vs a magazine that earn money using content for free?

    I really hope photographers start cracking down on blogs and photo usage. And on the blogging side: we need to have original content and an original point of view. As someone who understands buying photography and is married to a photographer, I hope to see fair payment in the blog-o-sphere.

  8. Hey Guys,

    I wanted to let everyone know that MAMMOTH will be releasing this piece by Pia, Erin and Yvette as limited edition prints in a variety of sizes and colors real soon. Say tuned to our site the release! ( )


  9. Yes, thanks Troy!
    Stay tuned to Pia’s site as we’ve been working on a new version along with the awesome prints by Mammoth!
    Pia Jane Bijkerk is the mastermind behind the poster, so please stay tuned to her blog for more details.

  10. *saving this to my harddrive*

  11. […] Source: Design Sponge (via A Photo Editor) […]

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