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I missed the premiere of this new Bravo show on photographers Markus Klinko and Indrani last night but if this review and these cringe worthy clips are any indication I don’t think I’ll be watching any of it.

Markus Klinko, the celebrity photographer who is one of its two stars, comes across as so genuinely appalling that he becomes appealing. The best actor would have a hard time faking such consistent neediness and narcissism. His partner and former girlfriend, Indrani, wins us over by exhibiting superhuman amounts of patience in dealing with him.

As long as viewers don’t ask themselves if they have anything better to do, they should have fun watching.

Markus is a skinny, very blond child-man who defers all adult decisions to Indrani and then second-guesses her choices. Though he’s extraordinarily fussy, he’s less a control freak than an out-of-control freak.

Indrani occasionally fights back but generally lets him get away with murder. Since she’s a former model, her equanimity is astonishing.

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    • …but I hafta wonder, just how can you make as much money as these two obviously have and still go bankrupt? On the other hand…I suppose if you follow the Anna-Lou Leibovitz Business 101 Rulebook anything’s possible!

  1. I watched this last night and was completely overwhelmed by how outlandish all of the characters were — from the stylists to the fashion editors and even the assistants. Klinko appears to be a total basket case, but he is the perfect embodiment of the stereotypical Hollywood portrayal of a fashion photographer. In last night’s episode, without even a hint of sarcasm, he referred to himself as a “professional seducer”. It’s basically the fashion photography version of a minstrel show.

    I will be watching next week’s episode.

  2. They are made for reality television. If you can believe it, they are even more ridiculous in person than those clips show and are not in the least ‘acting’ for the camera.

  3. No wonder they are doing a reality show…
    Aug 21, 2009 … Beset by unpaid debts, New York-based celebrity photographers Markus Klinko and Indrani filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

  4. If I ever hired a person who yelled that much it would be for the last time. Unimaginable to work in that environment. Hard to stop watching though, sort of like driving by the scene of an accident.

  5. I didn’t, and won’t be watching this waste of an hour. From the clips though, it looks like the Hollywood version of the BP Oil Spill(slime balls), mixed with a little “Jersey Shore”, for entertainment value.

    These two clowns are the masters of self promotion. That’s what they’re good at. Everyone else is doing their jobs for them. Despite the very public details of their financial problems and lack of basic human social skills… creative directors, art directors, and photo editors continue to hire them. I can imagine that some brilliant twit at BP thought Tony Hayward’s similar personality characteristics would be a good fit for running that company too.

    Rob… the first time you admit to watching this garbage, I’m going to ask that you please turn in your “credibility” card. :)

  6. Sweet Jesus!
    I wasted a nhour of my life on this drivel when I should have been editing, instead.

    Lesson learned. I never thought I’d say this, but perhaps my Midwestern bridezillas and high school seniors aren’t so bad, after all.

    Back to work.

  7. The Messenger

    I am at a total loss for words.

    I hate this type of photography along with the drama and constant self-promotion.

    If someone yelled like that on what of my shoots, they would be out the door in a New York minute.

    I put an assistant on a plane home because he became a prima donna.

    If you live in that world, then I guess it is ok. Life is too short to deal with man-child arrogant…whatever.


  8. Tim Frederick

    I agree, pure trash and pathetic. I am sure Joran van der Sloot will be the only person watching this.

  9. Dearly beloved,
    As we gather together to gaze upon this new train wreck,
    Let us recall the Article published by PDN last fall “Markus Klinko and Indrani File for Bankruptcy”
    As well as the dozens of past employees’ that felt compelled to add their commentary and personal experiences regarding working with these two.

    “And let us all pray that we never forget the days when photographers actually had to have technical knowledge and real talent!”

  10. As a photographer, I was hoping for a behind-the-scenes look at how they make their amazing images. Instead they fought over who had the bigger hotel room. I’m sure this had more to do with editing out the technical, and leaving in the only drama the show’s producer’s could find. I guess they can’t really discuss lens choices, f-stops, and modifiers without viewers changing the channel….hell, I’d be bored if Hell’s Kitchen showed someone stirring a roux for an hour too. I’ll keep watching though, just for the quick glimpse of a beauty dish, location idea, and, who am I kidding, Indrani’s not that bad to look at either.
    By the way, I though her ‘aztec shot’ was better than Markus’.

  11. What a tool!
    “A celebrity that gets photographed by us, it’s the ultimate moment in their career, because they will never look better after.”
    I know you need to be confident in yourself and your work, but this is full blown narcissism.
    What an unfortunate decision by Bravo TV to pick this guy as their subject matter. It reflects poorly on the entire profession of photography, as many people will now think that all photographers act this way. And even worse, that aspiring photographers might want to emulate this, thinking that this is expected/ acceptable behavior.
    Thanks Bravo TV for shining the light on one of the worst possible examples of photography.

  12. I watched it, it was complete garbage, the first 2 minutes were about doing a picture, and the rest of the show became about the dude being a diva. Even my dog was bothered and barking every time he spoke, that says it all.

  13. Wow, it’s true. Now anybody can be a photographer.

    —The shot of him making out with that lady is All Time.

  14. shahnyboy

    Quite unbelievable to see Indrani trying/attempting to be spiritual by doing yoga and walking with a monk when her work is completely contradicting.

    It’s like eating an entire cheesecake while on the treadmill…

  15. Ellis Vener

    “A celebrity who gets photographed by us , its the ultimate moment in their career because it is the ultimate moment in their career because they will never look better after.”

    If I were an agent of one of the celebrities they want photograph that statement alone would put them on my do not call list.

    And aren’t these two people on the hook for income tax evasion in New York State and with the Feds? And also for not paying rent and vendors?

    These people are apparently the real life inspiration for “Brüno” but devoid of Sacha Baron Cohen’s irony, wit, grace, intelligence, and humor.

  16. Absolutely disgusting! Unprofessional, rude, boring. I fast forwarded through all the arguing and found that was most of the show. Shame on BRAVO. Frankly I was shocked. I didn’t see enough unique ‘talent’ in their work to explain away such bad behavior.

  17. Yes, very disgusting! I share all of the sentiments of the previous posters. But, keep in mind that this is not a show targeted to fellow photographers. Without knowing the intent of the producers, I would dare say that the show is just another ‘reality’ show targeted to couch vultures who live boring lives and feel the need to fulfill their excitement through vicarious imaginations of what it’s like to be a part of the ‘fashion world.’

    In that regard, the show will probably be a success.

  18. Question: Is it normal on a fashion shoot to have 2 other people standing over your back barking instructions to the model/subject?

    I’m an editorial portrait and documentary photographer and always work with the subject one on one. It would drive me crazy if 2 other people were trying to direct the subject while I’m trying to shoot.

    • @Tim, “Normal” is perhaps a little strong, but it’s quite common. After all, if you’re writing the checks, you might start thinking you’re the boss. IMO technology has made this worse as now not only the photographer can see the image instantly (can be very useful) but so can the client (can be very conducive to micromanaging.)

      This is a pretty good example of the old saying that you can tell somebody *what* to do, or you can tell them *how* to do it, but if you try to do both at once it never works well.

      Although the Women’s Health editor was a scream… “We want the shot to be about beauty, and fashion, and strong women.” Gee, lady, it’s a good thing you’re here to provide the vision. Otherwise two of the world’s most noted fashion photographers, provided a female celebrity in designer clothing as a subject, might have produced an ode to bumblebees eating cheese or something.

  19. I just watched all the clips at Bravo and I have more fun watching Abott and Costello’s routine of “Whos on first” for the 100th time than this.

    Where’s my listerine the after taste is still there.

  20. I for one, am glad this show exists, whether or not I choose to watch it. Photography needs more exposure, period. Obviously, there’s a method to their madness as they are getting booked to shoot many high-profile celebrities. That is definitely one of the harder segments of portrait photography to break into and succeed.

    What is disgusting is all the comments on this post. Nothing but a bunch of negative Nancys thinking they are all better than them.

  21. Tim: Yes, it’s quite common that several people are giving the model direction in addition to the photographer. E.g. AD, model manager, company exec.

    • @Erik, Thanks. I’m glad I’m not a fashion photographer. More power to those of you who are.

      • @Tim, while this makes it hard for the photographer, the person who gets my sympathy is the model. She’s at the absolute bottom of the food chain and in trying to make one boss happy, she can piss off the other boss no matter what she does. Modeling, like fashion photography generally, is not rocket surgery, but there’s more to it than having a surface light bounces off of fetchingly. Dealing with these bozos and maintaining poise and pose is not something just anybody can do. :)

        • BTW, while I’m on the subject, somebody somewhere should give the model in the second shoot they did some props, so I’m doing it. She was obviously terrified of heights but she let those numbskulls talk her out on a ledge over what looked like about an eighty foot drop with NO safety equipment, with four different people yelling contradicting instructions at her, and they got the shot. The fact that that shot was got was about 90% the model. 9.5% the stylist who helped her out there and was the only person treating her like a human being, 0.4% the location, and 0.1% the photographers.

  22. The second clip looked like great collaboration from everyone. I would love to watch a show more like that, but it wouldn’t last two episodes. LOL

  23. Harley130

    This Fuxkhead has been watching way toooo much reality TV. He thinks that all that drama is cute. Scratch this off my list of ways to waste time.

  24. I long for the days when people involved in fashion will realize that we are not curing cancer, solving energy problem or creating world peace. We are fortunate to be doing something that’s fun, creative and allow us to make some money.

    It doesn’t have to be like this… Integrity, honesty, humility, business acumen (that is, minimizing drama to solve problems) go a long way.

  25. I’m not a big fan of reality shows and have come to expect such rubbish when it comes to exploiting a new angle for the thirsty masses of television parasites to feed on.

    Being one part of my own photography team, it’s relieving to see that even at that stage of their career, and after working together for years, Klinko + Indrani butt heads so strongly. It happens. Two creatives working together all the time and there’s bound to be tons of tension at times. Great choice for Bravo…it makes for dramatic TV for them.

    In all honestly, who really cares what goes on while on set…. as long as they get usable shots and their clients leave happy.

    That said, I don’t think I ever need to watch this show….I live my own version of it. :)

  26. john mcd.

    He reminds of that movie Bruno. This is to photography as Jerry Springer is to Charlie Rose.

  27. john mcd.

    I suppose Bravo could have done a show about somebody more normal but they’d probably never get the viewership they’ll get for this dreck. This is what appeals to the celebrity-obsessed public which devours “reality” programs that feature outrageous behavior. How many people would really watch a show about somebody normal like…like most of the real working photographers we all know? Maybe PBS would do such a show. Maybe.

  28. As a photographer i was hoping to seeing a lot more behind the scenes also. There is a lot of drama wow but that make for good reality TV i guess. They are great photographers but can’t believe how much they yell at each other.

    As a photographer if they is what its like to work on these super high end shoots i am not into it. To much drama our jobs are all about creating art not drama.

    They do have a great life traveling the world taking photos

    I would love to see more of Indrani

  29. When I started photographer in 2007, I admired Mr. Klinko and Ms. Indrani. If you read about the backgrounds of Mr. Klinko, he was a classically trained soloist harpist and came “from that world” where everyone is poised, proper, and classy.

    For what it’s worth, I doubt the show’s goal is to educate with proper technique. If that is the case, they would have shown it on PBS.

    Any show on Bravo that is “based” on real life is synthetically structured and edited for entertaining and making money from the commercials aired during the show.

    This show is not made for us. It is geared towards people who subscribe to kitsch entertainment magazines and wants to know who’s dating who.

    I digress. Regardless, the image of Mr. Klinko I saved in my head is the one of him performing Debussy at the Paris Opera Bastille in 1993.

  30. When their rep sent me a “preview” of the show over a year ago I couldn’t believe that a rep would be bragging about this project. I would never hire or work with such an obnoxious, crazy photo team – I now delete everything that rep sends me…. BIG MISTAKE!

  31. Clearly this show is not for photographers wanting to learn.

    Bravo probably choose them because they have stories to tell. Mix that with shock value and you’ll have a talked about show. Like what we are doing.

    Shock value like so:
    “A celebrity that gets photographed by us, it’s the ultimate moment in their career, because they will never look better after.”


    • @Kah Hoe Wan, they particularly harp (if you’ll pardon the pun) on the fact that Klinko and Indrani were romantically involved for quite some time. And yes, they told war stories with the intimation there would be many more.

  32. ehhhhhhhh… yea, not a fan of this show, or their work in general, does the world really need more of this crap, as if television isn’t bombarded with enough mindless bs as it is.

  33. won’t be watching it, but it’ll probably be a well received show on bravo.
    in between housewives fighting and chefs fighting you can watch photographers fighting!


  34. The pilot episode is available on iTunes as a freebie, by the way. I don’t know how iTunes works in other countries but those of you who live where there’s no BravoTV (I live in America but I only get basic cable and don’t have Bravo myself) might be able to watch it that way.

    I personally thought it was *hysterical.* Enjoyed every minute of it. Klinko and Indrani are perhaps the least sympathetic reality show stars since Danny Bonaduce, but it was fun to watch. Should blow the scales from the eyes of anyone who thinks that fashion photography, even with 12 assistants and lighting worth more than I’ll make in a year, is rocket surgery. If these two dimwits can do it, with the dimwits who hire them providing direction like, “We want the shoot to be about fashion, and beauty, and strong women,” then clearly in some cases it’s mostly about luck and resources, with perhaps a little bit of an eye for composition or something required to ensure that all the resources aren’t totally wasted. (By the way, that is an actual quote from the Women’s Health editor running the first shoot.) I mean, in fairness, somebody *does* have to frame the picture and push the shutter.

    I’m sure there are fashion photographers who *are* intelligent and talented and creative and amazing and could produce a Vogue cover with a Diana and a Mag-lite, don’t get me wrong. In fact, I know there are. But these two, the mystique, they are blowing it.

  35. I hate con artists

    MARKUS KLINKO U.S. BANKRUPTCY COURT FILING 1/5/10 CASE #09-15205(ADJ) Assets – $8,560 ($60 in cash) Liabilities – $4,207,770.20 (oops! $3.5m to mommy, $180k to IRS) testimony from court “I have never made any money, everything I have I have received from my parents”

  36. Thank God we have choices. You/we can choose to believe this is what photography is all about or not. We even have the choice on whether to watch this or not. Unfortunately we never have the power to MAKE people think anything about us. That is none of OUR business what anyone thinks of us unless we have done them harm.

    Just my 2 cents on this. I won’t be tuning in to this. It just seems to vicious and superficial for me to spend any time on it.

  37. I didn’t watch that show. I know what I’d see just by looking at the trailer.

    Though I couldn’t help noticing how Indrani looks like that mother-of-three-dealing-with-an-alcoholic-husband-who-beats-her-up-everynight type. I guess she needs to be a little of a masochist to keep it up with the guy. And people need to be a lot masochist to look at it on TV.

  38. Am I the ONLY person who loves this show? I love the way they work together (and fight together) to get the perfect shot. Wonder what happened in their relationship. They are made for each other. Indrani is gorgeous.