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  1. B Roll? BS at only 49.95$ like a cheap paint job

  2. I was looking for that B roll and now you found it Rob. Thank you. And hey, I will send you a copy of the B roll when it’s done.

  3. Brilliant!

  4. Some B-Roll will be the remedy for my potentially unaffordable proposal for a commercial this week.

  5. I wish somebody took some B-roll at that party I threw this weekend. Why don’t photographers ever take pictures at their own parties? :(

    Great vid!

  6. This is awesome – I’m gonna update my book and send it to them to see if they need more B-roll so I can go shoot some ; } Thanks for the lead Rob! Your awesome!

  7. Hilarious because it’s way too true.

  8. I got yer B-roll right here.


  9. Dang, I better stay away from them walls, lol! Great pick-me-up, thanks Rob!

  10. That was amazingly funny. Mostly because, who would have though b-roll could be so funny? I’m going to go watch again…

  11. Love that opening background. This is nothing but pure class.

  12. Genius! Love depressed woman with hand on wall…

  13. I dunno, cuz that’s what depressed people do!

    kirk gibson 4ever


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