At first glance burn Magazine seemed to be a collective of hard line photojournalists and documentarians but the selection of Alejandro (website (here) entry (here)) who photographs fictional scenarios signals that maybe the people who work in that field (see the judges list below) are ready for some changes. Good for them for pushing the boundaries. The grant is given by the Magnum Foundation but the rules state that purely artistic endeavors are welcome.


The Judges:
Maggie Steber – Photographer
James Nachtwey – Photographer VII
Carol Naggar & Fred Ritchen – Historians-Authors-Analysts
Eugene Richards – Photographer
John Gossage – Curator
Scott Thode – Deputy Picture Editor Fortune Magazine
Gilles Peress – Photographer Magnum
David Griffin – Director of Photography National Geographic Magazine
Martin Parr – Photographer Magnum

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  1. Well deserved. Have been a fan since he was in PDN 30.

  2. My wife and I attended the Look3 Festival and it was kick ass. The slide shows, though they were a little bombarding, were both technically beautiful and inspiring. The Gilles Peres interview was flawless. If anyone is interested I can paraphrase the PJ joke he told, but won’t quite do his delivery justice. Charlottesville was a perfect place to have it too, no shortage of fine chow and beverages. Overall, beyond motivating and fulfilling.

  3. Good on the judges for this selection. I personally don’t ever enter a competition with that many magnum & magazine editors, knowing it will most likely be a predictable outcome and the “fine artist” will come up short. That said, congrats to Alejandro for winning and the judges for breaking out of their comfort zone (of sorts). I’ve been a big fan of his work for a while as well.

  4. Beautiful work. The judges were brave in awarding this wonderful photographer the grant. Original, thought provoking and mysterious work indeed.

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