Excellent video here from photographer Alexx Henry as he turns his normal One Sheet (movie poster) shoot into a living image using the RedOne.

I think this is such a great way to treat photography online where the shoot is still essentially a stills shoot the the results are not a video that suddenly needs a plot, sound, editing, graphics and on and on.

Visit his blog to see the web page with the final result (here).

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  1. Amazing, spectacular, love it. How can I forward this to others?

  2. The result is fun. Now that we have digital billboards there will be the option to have very short movies.

    This sort of quick ad would also be great for on-line video ads. The normal 15 to 30 to wait to view the content I requested is too long.

  3. Click on HallmarkChannelPress.com to see this beautiful living one sheet over and over.

  4. People _like_ the idea of making advertising more intrusive?

  5. Sadly (or not), I love advertising and I think the end result is very effective, even if it promotes ADD. I shoot still life, but I have heard that the Red One is great for shooting a large group of people, and is used a lot for this purpose. Just pull a still from the live action where everyone is looking where you want them to look, and no need to photoshop.

  6. Dang, that is just really neat. I can already see all kinds of uses for this in what I do, but how do I realistically plan and budget for one of these Red Ones?

    Is there a way to use one of these for a project without having a 6-digit budget?

    • @STONER, you can rent a red one for 1000-2000 a day…

    • @STONER, If it is for web only, consider doing a test with a Canon5Dmk2. Not the same quality, and the focusing is a big wonky, but the lens selection is nice.

    • @STONER,
      Hey Dan, I mentioned this to you a couple of weeks back; cars, moving images for the (future) projects…only this time the crystal ball is reigned by the digital arts, not smoke and mirrors.

      • @Marco Patino,
        Good to see you here, Marco! Yep–time to go rent one of these and see what we can do…

  7. […] movie poster shoot (”one sheets”) with the Red One camera (which I found via A Photo Editor). The Red camera produces images of high enough definition that any frame can be used as a still. […]

  8. I think this is a much better use of the Red One camera than, for instance, the recent Esquire cover. Until now I haven’t really seen it do anything that couldn’t be accomplished with a traditional still camera and a photographer who knows when to press the button. I’m certainly open to learning new tools and techniques, but I wonder what all this means for the fate of the “decisive moment.”

  9. I sort of agree with #9 on this. It’s definitely an interesting tool, but it’s another tool that comes with a huge expense and production requirements comparatively. I’ve worked on shoots that were with both DSLR and RedOne. But, I also remember setting up a shoot for 2 days and shooting 2 sheets of 4×5 with no roid because that’s all I could afford. Nailing that seemed so much more simple. I understand that if this is the way the industry goes, it’s hard not to follow, but I digress. It’s sort of like the old adage of “famous” shooters who would shoot hundreds of rolls and have an endless equipment list from the rental department. It sort of takes the glory and the “hunt” out of it all…

  10. This is great.
    The pendulum swings. Hot lights are back,H&M and wardrobe people will have to be on their game to make the RED’s subjects look perfect (until the retouching technology catches up to the camera) models will have to be able to really move.

    This is a great new horizon for our industry. Huzzzah! Huzzzzah!

  11. The Red is the camera of the moment especially with the convergence of media which we can all see happening around us.

    I am happy to include it into my workflow and am already working on selling my clients on the idea of allowing me to give them a fully thought out multi-faceted approach to their campaigns.

  12. I’m a web programmer and I wanted to know what language or software are they using to allow the graphics to float on top of the web page. Is it ActionScript?

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