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  1. This is a set of photos that will really make a difference, simply because they give a rare set of visuals to put to a country that is otherwise a big empty space. These pictures were even mentioned on the Slate Gabfest.

  2. I’m looking at photoshelter gallery… Nice picture by Thomas Van Houtryve.
    Not only on North Corea.

  3. Really impressed by someone that has the you know whats to put themselves at such risk. Do you think all these photos were taken without the knowledge of the subjects?

  4. Nothing special about the photos, you just have to go to Flickr (type in North Korea) and you will see hundreds of great photos from North Korea taken by tourists who have visited the place. ‘Secret & Lies’ ??? erm! coming from who? Tomas more like! By the way Tomas didn’t go in as an investor he went into North Korea via IKTC (International Korea Tourism Company – a North Korea body tasked with foreign/tourist entry into DPRK) just like many other tourists do. The places he visited i.e. hospitals, schools, factories the Arirang Games (Mass Games) are standard places you visit when you visit DPRK (its on every tourists itinerary). Tomas has duped VII agencies, his audience and other individuals in getting his name out there – by creating a false story behind his entry into DPRK (mainly because its not a commonly visited place so he thought he can get away with it!) Please note this is not personal attack on Tomas, but on so called photojournalist who lie just to further their name for recognition. Other comments have been made on the internet by viewers/readers on the integrity of most of his stories.

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