SPD Photography Award Nominees Online Now

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I love seeing incredible photography in a well designed page. In the end the design can make or break the impact of the photography. There’s some great designers out there but it usually comes down to whether or not the editor will let them do their thing.

You can see some of the photography nominees for the SPD awards on their grids blog and I think they will put a few more up next week so check back:

Service Feature, Story

Section, Series of Pages

Section, Single Page or Spread



Service Feature, Single or Spread





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  1. Mmmm, interesting that I think you have picked the weakest images in their categories to highlight here. Rob, are these your favorite images? I’m just curious, this is nothing against your choices. I guess I just like something I perceive as a bit more creative or at least not the same old? Maybe I just have an issue with images with celebrities that seem to get more of their praise because of who is in it and not for the actual quality of the image.

  2. I like that Dan Forbes / Megan Caponetto brain construction a lot. I’m glad it had the chance to exist in Best Life