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  1. I think it looks great; comprehensive and simple. I’m also happy to see photographer, Adriana Lopez Sanfeliu listed among the roster. She once assisted me and was also listed among the ten best up-and-coming young photographers in the September 2006 issue of American Photo magazine.

  2. Some great photogs on that list! Nice to see Charlie Mahoney and Caroline Bennett on the list. The presentation is easy on the eyes…thanks for posting this Rob.


  3. It’s a good source of inspiration some days. I’ve have it coming through my RSS feed for a while. It was really good to see Edward Linsmier in it.

  4. A question for the Photo Editor:

    How is this kind of list compiled? There must be 200 names listed.

    Was there some sort of submission process, or did someone actually sit down and narrow down thousands of portfolios they found through Google and pick out the best 200?

    Also, what are the chances of an editor like yourself hiring any of these photographers for a job based off this site? If it were you, would you actually sit down and review each of these 200 portfolios to decide who would be the best fit? And if the answer is no (I’m guessing it’s no), then what is the point?

    Sorry if these questions sound harsh, but I am just trying to get a feel for this site, as I am seeing an increasing number of websites/blogs that seemingly just list photographers at random and en masse. Is such a thing good for photographers and editors?

    • @Tori M. Naskin,
      I don’t know how it was compiled I just ran into it but I hope someone just decided to list their favorite documentary photographers. The more subjective the better. Even better if you can’t buy your way in.

      I don’t hire photographers anymore but I have looked at hundreds of sites in one sitting before when I was searching for something. Many times looking for an image that would help me find a new approach to a tired old story we kept assigning. You don’t have to review all the photographers just take little dip.

      Discovering photographers with work you like who you’ve never heard of is the point. We would hire a couple each month who we’d just discovered.

      • @A Photo Editor,

        I was simply contacted one day by the blogger and asked to write a blurb on the background behind a particular shot he had found on my website. I think it is just a subjective list by a fan of reportage.

  5. Hello… My name is Geoffrey Hiller . I edit and maintain Verve Photo. I’m also a photographer an have been a photo editor for over 25 years.

    Verve Photo is all about power of the still photograph. In many ways I run the site very “old school” in that I first contact the photographers and after I choose an image (often a very time consuming process, esp as I’m now in Bangladesh where power outages for 5 hours a day are common) ask them to write a paragraph of two “About the Photograph”. I believe this is what makes the site so interesting. Hopefully giving the viewer insight into the way various photographers (from many different countries) approach the medium.

    This hopefully explains a little more about what Verve Photo is about. It is a list – yes, photographers have received assignments from being profiled- but at the same time much more then that.

    • @Geoffrey Hiller,

      “new breed” ?

      Why/How is this new?

  6. oooh I’m starting one on the photographers in L.A. it’s still in the works

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