This is a big deal (just a rumor right now).
John Korpics made a similar move back in 2005 when he left an award winning run at Esquire for In Style. Not sure if we need to start rumors about the Times Magazine being in trouble because she’s likely just burnt and ready make some serious cash.

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    • @Giulio Sciorio,
      You shouldn’t but others do. There are many photographers who would like to shoot for them and a changing of the guard always opens up new opportunities… depending on who the replacement is. Also, I figured she would retire there so it’s a big deal for people who pay attention to that kind of shit.

      • @A Photo Editor, Gotcha. I didn’t think about the big hole thats left for contributors when a creative leaves. I lost a good client after three AD changes in 3 years.

  1. went out with a few ny times art people last night…bottom line is she wanted a change and RS gave her total control mag and online plus of course $$$$…ny times mag is fine

    @#1 it’s important to know where people go it’s your community…

  2. isn’t it already established that the ny times magazine is in troubles considering that the parent company is in serious debt?

  3. I think Janet Floelich is an amazing talent and would always want to know where her next job is so I can keep close eye on the magazine. I wonder if she will shake some things up at Real Simple! Thanks Rob, for keeping us photo eds in the loop!

  4. Real Simple can pay Janet all the dough in the world-the fact of the matter is that it’s a magazine that’s had it’s day years ago. She would be smart to sock the cash away and retire

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