Thanks to all the voters and no thanks to my lousy server for timing out many times during the crush. It certainly was informative and entertaining for me to watch the lobbying; a few of the participants harnessed the power of social networking, a few posted notices on their blogs and a few sent out emails soliciting votes.

I’m excited for the consultation because I think Clay’s work is strong but I’m confident that Leslie can make it more appealing to buyers and I think we will all gain valuable insight into the process and glean a few tips off the improvements.

I’m open to ideas about what to do with the other participants and I liked Robert’s suggestion in the comments that collectively we could give some pretty good advice. I wouldn’t mind making that a weekly feature and open it up to more readers, only with more of a random selection process instead.

Next week I’ll post the consultation.

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  1. I demand a recount!

    Actually, all my friends probably voted for someone else… I knew I should stop hanging out with him.


  2. I wanted Noah Kalina to win. :(
    but congratulations to Clay!

  3. Thank you Red. And thank you Rob. It was an honor just to be nominated.

  4. Thanks for this opportunity Rob- it was a bit like being at the races- I’m up! I’m down! I’m up again! Good times.

  5. Hey there-

    This is all cool and it’s neat to see such an outpouring of interaction. I’m wondering if APE and Burns could tell us just what is the goal of the consultation? Is it to give the photographer advice on how to mature their vision? How to break into advertising? How to land editorial gigs? How to grow as an artist? Break it down for me and all of us, please.

    This consultation gig is an interesting niche in our business, I’ve used them at different points for different purposes. At worst a consultant can be viewed as one of the many people lurking on the fringes of photography, eager to cash in on photographers insecurities with promise of unlocking the doors to success. ( sorry all…) At best, they can be viewed as the voice of distance and reason that can perceptively see what the photographer is up to, help he/she to focus their vision and grow as an artist and still bring home the fat ad jobs, achieve artistic satisfaction, healthy career, etc.

    So what is the goal here, y’all?



  6. Thanks to everyone who Voted, especially the ones that voted for me.

    My mom and dad spent the night breaking into internet cafe’s to vote. My mom (not my dad cause he’s a wimp) also broke into numerous computer stores and voted at all the different computer stations. My 4.5 month old son was the perfect size to fit through the video return slots at our local video stores, so that secured a couple of votes. however my wife and I spent half of the night teaching him how to turn on a computer.

    All joking aside, this is such a great opportunity and I’m honored to be part of it. I can’t wait to find out where this goes and I’ll be sure to keep you all posted.

    Thanks again for the love


  7. Thanks for everyone who voted. Congrats Clay!
    Also thanks APE for the chance to be up there.
    Sorry MOM

  8. What a great idea. I’m glad to have been one who was considered.

    Mad props to Rob & Leslie!


  9. The idea I had today was like the recent Magnum book, each of the magnum members selected one person to introduce. We could each be assigned or pick one of the others and do a critique, and you could publish the results.

  10. Congrats Clay – I’ll be interested to hear YOUR feelings about the consultation when it’s done.

    Another thought: I think it would be cool to give the last place dude a consultation as well so we could compare the two.

  11. @10 Bruce: A good idea. I’m all for that.

    @5 Timothy: The goal for the blog is to see how a consultation works. The goal for the winner is, well it depends on his goals, but I think it’s to get more jobs. That would be my goal if I hired a consultant. I like the idea of achieving happiness or satisfaction as a photographer as well but I think I’d hire a psychologist to do that.

  12. Much as I respect Ms. Burns, and I do, I don’t understand why You aren’t doing the consultation.

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