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  1. Marginal Middleman

    Yay, more reps to tell me “nice work, but we’re just not looking for that at the moment” Thanks for posting anyhow. :)

  2. nice list rob, one thing new and young photographers need to understand is pick an agent who is going to “carry your karma” meaning pick someone who is going to represent you and what you are all about. its not ALWAYS about the money but about building relationships and working on cool projects. your clients are NOT the VISAS, VERIZONS, AND NIKE of the world but the Cindy Rivets, Bill Hornstein’s, Jimmy Bonner’s, and Kim Hubbard’s. and sometimes some reps forget that. thank god mine is amazing and get’s it.!!~

    • hey andy,

      whats the process one goes through to find a “legit” agent. I am a ‘young photographer’ trying to get into the industry and am totally clueless….any advice?????

    • @andy anderson,
      So well said Andy. I have been repping for about 15 years and that personal connection and shared vision with my photographers has always been what energizes me to do an even better job. A shared style of a business approach and collective creative direction is what gives us a good long term relationship. “carry your karma” is the perfect way to say it.
      Rob, please put me on your list for this great site of yours.
      Andrea Stern in LA and NY.

  3. please add See management to your list, the photography division was established in 2007 and we have 6 photographers and a prop stylist to add to our already amazing roster of artists.

    check out the web site!

    Albrecht Kunkel, Bjorn Iooss, Christopher Stevenson, Michael Halsband, Johnny Miller and Jeffrey Graetsch

  4. thanks for taking the time to accumulate this, very handy. also consider for other work cities (and including other NY agencies).

  5. hi there..just stumbled upon this site and its fantastic. Thanx for taking the time to compile this!

    your fellow creative geniuses thank you..;-)

    if any of you need a photo shoot producer let me thanx! hina

  6. Does anyone have any advice on getting an agency, I’ve been trying but getting denied. Any input would be appreciated! Thanks

  7. Hi —
    I just came here after viewing your Promo Cards (thanks for that) and clicked on maybe about 15 to 20 of the links above to find that Every Single One started with Flash. I realize it’s a nice toy, but, are there any reps who want to put up their client’s work first (i.e., immediately) and allow the viewer to “opt in” or not to a Flash presentation? I think it was See Management that at least put up something to read.

    Surely, since they want their clients’ work to stand out from the crowd, they would want their site to do so as well! I recently read a comment by some editor, somewhere, that they didn’t like Flash. I think I now understand why.

    Anyway, thanks again for a really wonderful (and valuable) site here.


  8. It looks like The Photographers Group is a .net rather than a .com.

    Great list. Thanks for putting it together.


  9. Masimba Sasa

    Forgive me for asking some seemingly obvious questions but what makes a good Agent.

    I ask this simply because I am considering becoming an agent for a collective of Photographers in Johannesburg.One of the greatest issues at hand is the splits between me the would be agent and the collective ( are there hard and fast rules to this ). Secondly are there any links that have guidelines out there on how i can best protect myself and the collective at large. Or rather does anyone have any insight into this

    some sound advise would be appreciated

  10. Would love to be added to the list of agents- CA1 CA2 cornelia adams

    We represent 9 photographers- Six are established photographers in our CA1 division: Richard Pierce, Philippe Salomon, Aldo Rossi, Denis Piel, Donja Pitsch, and David Meredith.
    Three are in our emerging photographers division: Munetaka Tokuyama, Udom, and Matthew Stylianou.

    Check out our agency and work at


  11. Hello, I just stumbled onto your site.

    Can You please add Vue Inc to your list. For photography we represent
    Ivan Prochko, Pauline st Denis, Stephen Stickler, Dale May.

    Artist Second division Vue 2- Nathalie Cassegrain/ Set prop, Leif Knyper/Make up , Ramie Roth/ Hair, Sacha Quarles/ Hair, Ezel/ Hair, Post Image Group/ Retouching, April Barton/ Hair, Laurie Schechter/ Stylist

    Vue Inc/ Vue 2 productions
    580 Broadway Ste 507
    Ny Ny 10012

  12. Please add Lucid Representation to your list -we are a boutique fashion, portrait, food, interiors and lifestyle photographer and stylists agency. We are based in London, but have photographers available in London, NY, LA and Sydney.


    Simon Archer
    Con Poulos
    Mark Harrison
    Stephanie Rushton
    Ella Webber
    Dan Kennedy


    Natalie Read
    Bernard Connolly
    00 44 20 8469 2664



  13. This directory is an outstanding resource and we would love to be added to it. We are a boutique agency representing artists on both coasts, and specialize in still life, food and lifestyle photography and prop stylists.

    Photographers include James Carrier, Kana Okada, Kang Kim and
    William Meppem. Set designer and prop stylist Philippa Brathwaite.

    We are interested in taking on new artists and welcome inquiries.



    Michele Karpe’ Represents Inc.

    • @Michele Karpe’,


      I am sorry that my website isn’t really up and running yet. I have lots of galleries on smugmug for events that I have photographed, and some portraits as well. I have some of my fine art on, but I am currently searching for a good website designer, and graphic artist. My marketing plan will(hopefully) roll out next fall!

      Would love sending you a disc. Let me know,

      My best,


  14. Ayush Ranka

    Your list of agencies is very comprehensive and very well selected but if you could also add what area of photography each agent specializes in like travel portraiture, etc…, it would be helpful since it is pretty hard to go through all of them to find a suitable agent for one’s style of work.
    I specialize in photojournalism and travel and found aurora close to my style.

    Thanks and regards,

    • @Ayush Ranka, I am with you, I have been perusing through this list with pink eye trying to find a viable Agent!

      It would be nice if Rob could place Specialties next to agency even if time consuming..

  15. Anne-Marie Aigner

    Over his long lifetime (He died in 1999.), our father, Lucien Aigner, created an extensive collection of photos of Europe from the 1920’s & 30’s, and after he came to the U.S., from the 40’s and 50’s in America. The entire collection is now located in Boston.

    We are anxious to work with an agent who can help us to show his work and to settle the entire collection.

    Please e-mail interest and qualifications to me directly at

    Anne-Marie Aigner

  16. Hello, I represent photographers and discovered your website through livebooks
    today. I was one of the first few agents to use livebooks for my agency to showcase my photographer. I have represented photographers for many years to advertising agencies and clients directly. working nationally and internationally, from our base in New York City. We would like to be included in your listing if possible. Please
    tell me the procedure to follow and the costs involved. Thank you, Janice Moses

  17. Does anyone know of any dedicated architectural/interior photographer reps? I have been shooting interiors for real estate agents and designers for over 15 years and I have shot over 2,500 homes/commercial buildings.

    I’m ready to hand everything over to a manager/rep so I can concentrate on the craft instead of the business side. Most of these agents have amazing talent in their roster, but most of them concentrate on fashion and lifestyle…

    Thank you in advance to anyone with any information or advice!

  18. Thank you so much. I love your site.

    I am new to magazine photography. I’m trying to crossover from a portrait business. You have helped me so much and this and your other lists are amazing and haved saved me hours of searching.

  19. Hi,

    I’m a travel, lifestyle and portrait photographer and I’m looking for new representation in New York. My clients have ranged from Conde Nast Traveller UK, GQ Germany to shooting the IBM annual report and many others. I’ve shot assignments in over thirty countries.

    To view my portfolio please go to

    If the possibility exists to start a correspondence with any agents and perhaps explore the idea of working together, please feel free to contact me.

    Thanks Rob for the wonderful blog.

    Raymond Patrick

  20. For Rob or any of the photography reps who may read this thread, a question: what exactly does “keep in touch” mean?

    I’ve found this list quite helpful and have gotten a lot of positive e-mail responses to my work, but, as expected, most are not taking on new talent in this economy. Most of the responses have indicated interest in my work when then economy is better, with a request to “keep in touch”. I don’t want to pester anyone, but am not sure if that means to continue e-mailing news and such? I do want be sure these reps think of me when the time is right.

    Thanks in advance.

    – CJN

  21. Hi, does anyone know if any of these agencies are in, or represent photographers in Portland Oregon. It seems weird, we have one fo the biggest advertising firms in the country here, but I’m having the hardest time finding photo agencies here.

  22. Hello

    We would like to be included in your list of reps. We were founded in 2006 and currently represent 5 photographers.


    Brite Productions

  23. Great list.

    I often look for local reps, but never find any. Is it better to go with a NY or LA rep rather then try to find a local rep?

  24. Hi Rob,
    Love the information, we are small boutique agency located in the midwest and west coast and would love to be included in your list. BTW LOVE the information, thanks.

  25. Hi! Will you please consider adding Poppy Creative Agency to your list?? We are an artist representative and photo production company in Northern California!


  26. Well Hello!
    I’m quite excited to see this kind of site – awesome job!
    I have wanted a rep for a while now and have not known where to look. Do you have any suggestions for reps that take new (3 years exp.) photographers and are great with portfolio development. I feel I have the skills but maybe need a little direction in achieving a truly pro portfolio.

    Thanks :)

    ~Robin G

  27. thanks so much for this learned a lot

    Any tips on how to get a rep I have been doing everything myself and would really love a rep. Do I market them like I would for a client I want to get?

    any tips

  28. Thank you for the nice work on “Reps” I could not help but notice that
    my name and company were not included. I have been a photographer and artist rep. for forty-two years and I would like to be recognized also.
    My new site is set to launch December 1, 2009 or sooner and I welcome talent inquirys.
    Thank you,
    Tom Maloney Reps.

  29. Hi Rob,

    What a great blog. I wanted to bring you up to date. I was one of the partners of virtu which no longer exists. I am back to my own company called CG&A, Candace Gelman and Associates. Please add me to your photography rep list and remove virtu. I have been an agent for over 16 years and represent:

    Graham Brown, Paul Elledge, Raymond Meeks,
    Michael Moore | Render Unit (cgi), Erica Shires, Lars Topelmann,
    Nathaniel Welch, Christopher Wilson

    Thanks Rob.

  30. What a great resource this is. Though I have no luck in obtaining an agent, I am hopeful. Any ideas out there? A friend once told me that Artist and Marketing don’t go together. In other words, most artist have no real idea how to market themselves and earn financial resources. With that thought I am out looking for a rep. Any ideas? Direction is greatly needed.

    Thanks in advance.

  31. Greetings!

    I am a Seattle area commercial glamour, fashion, and product photographer looking for representation. I have an extensive collection of work at

    I am interested in discussing profitable opportunities to market my skills as a photographer / post-processing artist.

    I welcome the chance to share my qualifications, availability and objectives with a motivated representative who is eager to join with me in launching a gainful partnership.

    Thank you for your time and consideration!

    Thomas Dunkerley
    Crystal Light Photography
    (360) 621-7005

  32. Hello all artists! I stumbled upon this site following up on an artist looking for a rep. I would like to tell you all that if you are in need of representation I will gladly put you in the best place for the most exposure possible! THIS IS MY JOB. My company participates in large shows and expos- coming up are; RED DOT NEW YORK, and SAN-FRANCISCO FINE ARTS FAIR. Of course we do several a year. Not to mention we are the largest online art gallery in existance. Please feel free to email me @ or call @ 800-647-6336 ext 132. Looking forward to representing a well deserved hard working artist!!!

  33. Hello!

    I am a San Francisco Bay Area portrait, book, wedding, and commercial photographer with 12 years of professional experience in the business. Professional Photographer recently did a feature on me in their international magazine for their current February issue. Please check out my blog to see those images (

    I am interested in getting an agent to help me get bigger and better jobs in commercial, more book deals, etc..

    Thank you!
    Angela Lang

    Angela Lang Photography


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    • @Ben Miller,

      Keep in mind, for commercial/advert work: billing periods of 180 days are common in Asia. They often expect you to cover production costs. Occasional they won’t pay at all, sometimes saying we didn’t care for the art. (:o)

      Most image makers that do well there are a very high volume, because the ticket price is low – a reverse from how the west has traditionally worked.

      The best tend to manage their own businesses in Asia.

      • @Bob, thanks, but I lived in China for nearly 2 years and know the ins and outs. I have heard there are good agents there nonetheless, and was hoping someone could put me in touch with one or two…

        • @Ben Miller,

          The input is not without experience in Asia.

          You didn’t mention what type of work you seek. If it is advertising, you will find the Asian branches to be even more conscious about competition and face. They live breathe and eat *awards*. The CDs keep score on boards in their offices.

          Get published in CA a half dozen times, One Show, D&AD, etc. Then shop around. Getting an agent in Asia is no different than here. An image maker has to be so busy, they can’t manage without help – serious ledger of accounts.

          Bottom line, why would an AD/producer call a small fish in LA when they can (and do) call Kander on a big job? I would suggest you go back to your source and ask some names of these agents. If you want a slight foot in the door (when you are ready), try to network with an independent producer if you can find a good one.

  35. I am a photographer in Eastern Washington looking for representation I shoot all types of subjects but my passion is for people, and morespecifically musicians.

    I am interested in discussing profitable opportunities to market my skills as a photographer / post-processing artist.

    I welcome the chance to share my qualifications, availability and objectives with a motivated representative who is eager to join with me in launching a gainful partnership.

    Examples of my work:

    Thank you for your time.

    Shane Savage

  36. A resource like this is so valuable to the budding and established alike. Thanks for posting.

    I’m a Napa Valley photographer that’s been shooting the wine country and beyond for nearly 10 years, and I’d love to work with a rep who needs imagery from a local market with international recognition.

    Visit my portfolio at

    Search my wine, food and luxury lifestyle stock photo archive at

    Jason Tinacci

  37. Rob,

    I am a photographer’s agent based in the Chicago area. Would you add my group to your list. My company is Bunny Fisher Represents ( and I have been in business for over 20 years. I currently represent James Caulfield, Chris DeFord, Callie Lipkin, Judd Pilossof, Kevin Scanlon, Mark Segal, and Andreas Trauttmansdorff.

    I would really appreciate being a part of your Reps listing. What a terrific blog!


    Bunny Fisher

  38. Please add our group to your list. We are a national agents for film & print photographers and motion graphics/special effects animators.
    Thank you!

  39. The Axis web site in the UK is subsidized in a way that enables it to have maximum visibility to agents and others. Each photographer or artist can subscribe to have a page and up to 30 images. It might be worthwhile for young photographers’ to have a look at it. I have used it for a considerable period and found it very useful.

  40. Prin Cowan

    I am representating two talented photographers. This just new endevenor just naturally fell in my lap. I have gotten them some exposure and working on some more ideas. I have the enery, and the ability to network and bring people together, besides having great business sense and ability to push opportuntities.
    Your websites is inspiring and I realize artist need and business person that trully loves their work and the carm–gets them.

    Can anyone help me with some contract help i.e., my commission if their work is in galleries, non-commissioned venues, art exhibits, etc.

    any help would be appreciated thanks,


  41. hi, we’d like to be posted on your site. We represent food, interior, still life, fashion, beauty and kids photographers. in addition a food and prop stylist.

    our photogs are: Dorothee Brand, Joseph De Leo, Kate Sears and Toshi Tasaki.

    our food stylist is Lori Powell and prop stylist is PJ Mehaffey


  42. International Award winning photographer, Stephanie A. MacKenzie, is a vibrant up and coming new talent. With a solid, cutting edge education at Sheridan College including Applied Photography and Art Fundamentals, she is spawning a new photographic style by intertwining photography with Art. Stephanie’s style captivates anyone who catches a glance of her unique artwork.

    With three suitcases and her camera by her side, Mackenzie got a one way ticket from Toronto to the largest hot spot for Art. Now residing in Paris France, Ms. Mackenzie is working internationally. Her award winning photography has been published & displayed in galleries in New York, Paris & Toronto. Mackenzie also participates in numerous charities to help out those in need. I invite you to sit back, relax, and surrender into unconsciousness to experience the surreal dreaminess of Stephanie Mackenzie’s photography. Please visit her work at

    I am currently looking for representation.

  43. Campaign is a boutique agency managing top international photographers and creative talent, with a production department servicing stills campaigns. Campaign is based in Berlin, the creative centre of Germany, catering to the whole of Europe and parts of Africa.

    Campaign has various international partners which enables Campaign resources with exotic locations. Their partners are in Cape Town, Dubai, Greece and the British Virgin Islands.

    Alon Hattingh leads the servicing department with over 11 years of international production and advertising experience working with clients from United Kingdom, Scotland, Germany, Japan, China, U.S.A., Canada, Spain, Russia, South Africa, Dubai, Bahrain and Qatar.

    • @Alon,im in kenya .i would like to work with your organisation as a representative.please respond

      • @john mwangi, Hi there, please get a hold of us at our details on the website, link is attached to my name “Alon”.

        Thanks and chat soon

    • @Alon, Photographer/ Image consultant in Spain for 6 years. Feel free to contact if you ever need assistance for future projects/clients in the country. Thanks for your time.

  44. anonymous

    A few thoughts about big NY photo reps to photographers from a creative director with 25 years of experience. Here’s the truth that the photo reps don’t like to talk about…

    I’m an experienced creative director. I was also an investor in a large bi-costal photo production company that serviced national and international clients from editorial to retail and corporate including some of the biggest names in the business. I can safely say that after 25 years in the business and working with the top agencies in Chicago, NY and LA that I’m still wondering what value a large NY photo reps ultimately brings most photographers other than their top talent who are usually their personal friends. Everyone else from lesser talent to freelance production producers and crew get the shaft. A caveat: This is not true for smaller photo reps or those that work with one, two or three photographers. The following is beyond true for the big NY photo reps…this and worse.

    Not only are these large NY photo reps often impossibly rude and unreasonable to production crew and producers because they are panicked over an ever decreasing amount in photo budgets, but they skim a huge percentage out of the production budget that their clients give them right off the bat. They simply put it in their pocket and tell the client it’s for “production management” or for vague production costs which they can never identify. It’s really their own bloated NY overhead and costs to keep their top talent going. One big NY photo rep has huge fancy NY townhouse built from years of skimming on production budgets while providing no value.

    Then they make freelance photo producers, talent and crews or their own full-time producers get by on less and squeeze everyone telling them that it’s a small budget and “if you do this one, we have more down the road.” Of course there never is more work for the poor production people because next time they dupe a whole new round of freelance production producers and crew.

    I’ve seen one well-known NY photo rep take 35% right of the top of a production budget the minute it was wired to their account and then hire the production out to a freelancer. The rep then provide no supervision other than bitching at the freelance producer for not making it happen on the reduced budget that they skimmed from. The ultimate product was much less than it could have been and the agency and production people knew it as well as the photographer.

    Photographers should remember that big photo reps make their money on their top talent. They pretty much ignore everyone else. The reality is this:

    Photographers should realize that this is a new world. The internet allows for this through direct contact and the fostering of direct relationships with the decision makers that can get you work. Also photo budgets are getting way, way smaller and creatives and agency people would LOVE to cut out this worthless NY middleman. Now you as a photographer can reach creative directors and art directors yourself. You can build a far more interesting and effective personal campaign and connect with these decision makers within an agency easier than ever before in the history of advertising.

    I can tell you that very agency few decision makers want to talk to photo reps. They leave that up to the agency photo buyer. The photo buyer person is usually friends with the rep and they all root for particular talent because they’re all friends. But ultimately the real decision is made by some overworked young creative director or art director who saw a cool image that a photographer did or saw something in Communication Arts Photography Annual that fit the bill of what they’re looking for. Despite the fact that the photo buyer hauls up a bunch of portfolios or sends a bunch of links from NY reps to a creative director’s and that the photo rep and photo buyer think that creatives are carefully considering each book or link, it’s not true. It’s so not true it’s laughable.

    My copy writing partner and I at a huge Chicago agency used to fly through books or links so fast that we’d spend a mere few seconds on each. Usually we were looking for an image that looked like the original image that inspired us and our idea and the “look and feel” of the campaign. Most don’t fit the bill and you can tell immediately. Ultimately we go back to the photo author of the original image and hope to get him or her or we get a “wrist” photographer to create something like it in mood and style…or go back to trusted photographers who we think we can work with and create something better. Photographers that we have a personal relationship. Creative development is 100% about trusting other creative talent…not photo reps.

    If we have a friend who is a photographer that helps or if we’ve seen a consistent string of interesting contacts and images from someone that we might have just pinned to a board or kept in an e-mail file…we look at those. Someone who has cultivated us, sent us postcards that were cool for example. Someone that sent us notes and kept us updated – we listened and hired. We want to work with talent we can trust and who is working with us to create great advertising or editorial. Not from some NY big-time rep or overpaid, overworked, bloated old-school photographer who’s probably hooked on coke and still thinks that old-fashioned film is better. (Yep, so many of those old guys love their coke and their photo assistants love their weed. I really get a kick out of the ego-maniacal old school photographers that treat their assistants like shit and the assistants keep coming back for more…pathetic).

    Anyway, we like creative people since we are creative people. We support talent that we feel we have a part in and can trust and who are cool and on our same page. Photo reps are usually frustrated, over-worked, stressed people who always seem a little shady and or desperate to agency creative people. And when you know the back story that your client’s production budget is being eaten up by their high overhead and fancy NY offices, you’re even more turned off. That production budget should go back into your idea and making the production top notch for your client…and paying more to the photographer, the person who makes it happen for you.

    Oh, did I mention that these big agents take a huge percentage from the photographer’s fee as well as the production budget. As I said, most jobs are booked not through efforts of reps but through being published and through relationships the photographer has with creatives at agencies and magazines. So why do they take such huge fees? Because the make photographers think that they can’t live without them. That they are “artists” and they will take care of the business and marketing stuff so you can concentrate on photography. Yeah, the big photographers need this but the small guys do not. 99% of photographers would be way better off with getting a partner/sales/marketer in their own business or creating an alliance with a smaller photo rep so they could control their destiny and benefit from more of the money.

    There will be a day that the big NY reps will be like typesetters. It’s happening now. Younger creative talent often goes directly to younger creative photographers and completely bypasses the middle men and women of photo representatives. Creative and production budgets are smaller than ever and technology is allowing younger talent to do amazing things that you used to have to hire top talent to do. Younger talent needs to be business savvy. This IS a business and you cannot ignore it and hope someone else will make it all happen. Sometimes it does, but mostly it doesn’t happen that way. You are building a business. If you get published and noticed by big reps, give it a shot – you do never know. But get published and get out there and give yourself some power and control over your own destiny. No one else cares about you other than you.

    I’d say that young photographers should develop a unique, focused style – mood, lighting, etc. that is truly of them and that they are passionate about. Then send out postcards and e-mails and get on to creative blogs like crazy. Get published. Network in any way you can with young art directors and creative directors. Show them you can help them make their ideas into a reality. THEY are your ultimate clients. And they are the people that do not like talking to middlemen. This is a tough business and NY big time reps are not the future or the answer. Agencies and brands want to meet and work with the real deal…passionate talent. They want personal connections from that talent, not from photo reps. Take your own fate into your own hands and don’t rely on the fictional magic bullet of a dying breed of NY based middlemen. It’s a new day!

    • That is bad but good to read. Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge.

      I am searching to get into the industry and that really sets my mind.

      Any additional help would be great.

      All the best.

    • @anonymous,
      Great, great eye opener….
      Trying to find a rep in Miami… someone told me that I should have a NY rep under my belt before anyone looks at me or my work…. But now, I have to re-think..

      Thank you..

    • @anonymous, Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. I am a fashion photographer, please check my web when you have time , any help or advise from you will be huge help for me .
      Thanks again !

  45. How did you know that I was sitting down at my computer to try and find a list of agents in LA? That is a miracle
    Thank you, a lot of food for thought and words of wisdom from the agents.

  46. Thanks for this great resource! I have a combination photo/narrative book. Are there specialty agents that represent photography books that have a literary component throughout?

  47. Young Agency located on the West Side in Los Angeles is looking for a rep who can take their business to the next level. Must have the ability to attain new clients as well as maintaining current client relationships, who is passionate about photography and have strong aspirations for a career in the industry. Would prefer someone who can get commercial and editorial work.

    Potential candidates should be focused, goal-oriented, self-motivated professionals who posses excellent written and verbal communications skills.

    Previous experience as an artist’s rep is a must. Looking for a rep who has a passion for the job with a strong desire to grow within the company.


    • Handle all the artists and their portfolio, comments and updates

    • Keep Content current in the agency website by staying in touch with IT/ Web department

    • Scout artists such as photographers, directors and illustrators.

    • Develop sales opportunities by sourcing production, live showcases and events, and online networks and communities (Facebook, etc)

    • Build and maintain strong relationships with the artists

    • Work closely with major client account to book a job

    • Participate in weekly team meetings

    • Have fun, make money!


    • highly self motivated / self-starter

    • goal and team oriented

    • must be organized

    • positive attitude and great work ethic

    • high ethical standards and integrity

    • strong networking and relationship building abilities

    • excellent communication skills

    • strong marketing skills

    • prospecting and closing skills


    Must have at least 2 years experience as an Artist’s Rep

    Must own a personal Mac laptop computer.

    Please email your resume with your references and a cover letter to

  48. I am breaking into the photography business, mostly commercial, and need an agent who can represent my work. I focus on images that capture ‘stories’, landscape, architectural, historical, travel and tourist shots from various parts of the NW, some west coast, and Europe. A lot of my images can be turned into products and/or images used in the tourism industry. I have been approached by many businesses interested in my photography and realize I really need an agent who can “get” my vision, help me to develop my clientele, build products, and expand my future in this business. I would like to find someone who can represent me around the US and Europe. Please contact me at



    • @Jennifer, im in interested in working with you as a representative in africa in africa.please respond.john

  49. Hello,

    I am searching for a NY Times photographer in NYC who works as a freelancer and would be interested/available for an advertising campaign in mid December.

    Does anyone know if there is one place/agency to find talent like this?

    Thanks in advance,

    • @Willa, I am a freelancer that spent years in photojournalism, including NYT assignments. I now also shoot for advertising clients and would love to talk to you about your project.

  50. Rob,

    Thanks for compiling this list! I’ve been looking into reps and this list is an excellent reference.

    The site is a fantastic resource as well.

    Happy New year!


  51. Out of all the agents listed here, which ones represent fine-art figure photographers? Please contact me if you do!

    Thank you ,

  52. edward aigbokhan

    I’m a photographer looking for an agent. Any interested agent should contact me.

  53. I’m with Andy Anderson here. His comment pretty much nails it for a shooter/rep relationship. I’ve had good and not so good, but love the reps, Paula Gren Representatives, with whom I’m working now. Please add them to your list. Thanks.

  54. does anyone know any good photographers located in Brazil? – environmental portraiture, industrial interiors, landscapes…. annual report stuff


    • Hi Marcie,

      Sorry for the so late reply but I’ve just found this great resource here.
      I’m a Rio de Janeiro, Brazil-based editorial photographer specialized in environmental portraiture, travel and food photography.
      In case I may be useful for your projects please check out my portfolio.

      Leo Martins

    • Hi Marcie, I´m so sorry for the latly reply.
      I´m a photographer and I am in Uberlandia City MG, I am from Belgium but since 2009 that I am in Brazil.
      You can take a look to some of my works at my site or at Flickr.
      Thanks for your attention.

      Att: Manu Sousa

  55. Where is the best place to post a job ad for a photo rep? We are an an agency based in Venice, CA- wondering if their is a site I can post to other than creative hotlist and media bistro. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you!

  56. Seeking representation! I have been a professional photographer in the music business going on 15 years now. Strong images, Strong client list, Strong Reviews. Currently working on a book of my work titled Mornin’ Ain’t Come Yet: A look into Music and Landscape of the Deep South. I would appreciate any feedback you might have. Thanks for this list!
    Adam Smith

  57. Seeking representation! I have been a professional photographer in the music business for over 15 years now. Strong images, Strong client list, Heavily reviewed. I would appreciate any comments or help. Currently working on a book of my work that is titled Mornin’ Ain’t Come Yet: A look into the Music and Landscape of the Deep South.
    Adam Smith

  58. Great resource!

    I have an agency in Phoenix, AZ., and rep two photographers in the LA area. I am looking for an up and coming rep, living in LA, who might be interested in teaming with my agency to help better serve my LA shooters. If anyone knows of someone who might be interested, I’d love to hear from you.

  59. list could use a clean up. VII isn’t a rep, it’s a cooperative like Magnum, and they aren’t adding new photographers. Katy Barker went bankrupt years ago. etc etc

  60. I am one of a few photographers shooting high-end production 3D in stills and video for commercial advertising.Currently looking for representaion in NY, LA , SF and/or Seattle. 3D portfolio is viewable at NVidias 3DVision website here;

    Hoping to find an agency that works in new media platforms and delivery thats not afraid to break the mold once in a while to deliver the latest mix of media.

    Doug Betzold

  61. Rob (or anybody)!
    I’m a London based photographer specializing in Performance, Dance, Contermpoary Circus…and Conceptual Fashion / Music / Portraiture….
    (My work’s on

    I’m trying to find a list of ‘Categorized London (or worldwide) Agents/Reps’ so suitable for my genres.
    Can anyone help with any sort of guidance?

    Much appreciated! Ben x

  62. This is such a great resource! Thanks for putting this up!

    I am a Dallas based fashion and commercial photographer currently seeking representation with an agency who is currently taking on new emerging photographers in the field. Fashion and editorial photography is definitely my passion and I would love to work with an agency that shares this same passion, helps foster the growth of emerging photographers, and seeks a strong two-way relationship with their photographers.

    Feel free to check me out at or check out some of my recent work on my blog at

    If anyone can recommend any agencies who are currently looking for emerging fashion photographers or can lend any advice, it would be greatly appreciated!

    Shane Klein

    Shane Klein
    Freelance Fashion & Commercial Photographer

  63. Thank you so much for the information. I’m wondering if anyone knows of photography agencies in the Raleigh, NC area. I’ve been looking around here, but not sure exactly where to start. Any info on the topic would be a world of good.

    Thanks again!

  64. Hi,
    I am a Israel based freelance photographer currently seeking representation.
    I shoot beauty, fashion and food photography.
    Would appreciate recommendations for agencies to contact

  65. Embios Mba Agba

    Dear Sir/Madam ,
    Really i will like to work with you and introduce your company to african market,am Mr Agba from Nigeria living in Hamburg Germany, am coming to spend my holidays in Los Angeles,for one week,if you dont maind we can meet and talk about that.

  66. hugh hamilton

    Browsing through this, it was sobering to click through and discover how many agencies weren’t there anymore….

  67. Great list!

    I am an up-and-coming photographer. Have shot a lot back in Europe. Am now trying to make it in the US (New York).

    I have a very unique style! Have a look at my work here:

    And I am of course looking for a rep as well.

    Feel free to get in touch,
    All the Best

  68. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil-based freelance editorial photographer specialized in environmental portraiture, travel and food photography.

    I’m currently looking for representatives in New York and China (specially Shanghai and Hong Kong).
    Please check out my portfolio at

    Kind regards,
    Leo Martins

  69. Hi!
    I’m New York based art/conceptual photographer who is looking for representative agent in New York… Mostly I’m working with shadows and shapes of the every day environment that it’s not noticeable from the first quick look, but to see how gigantic silent things connect to each other in everything requires a deep spiritual and cognitive involvement…
    please, visit my web site:

    Thank you for consideration,
    Natalie Poette

  70. Loving this site…I am currently the agent for a photographer/film maker here in Toronto, Canada – Nathaniel Anderson ( but I am looking for co-representation in the US and Europe (primarily – UK, France and Italy). Any assistance would be amazing. Thanks in advance!!!

  71. Great resource you have put together here!

    I am in somewhat of a UNIQUE situation. I am an architectural photographer based in the Chicago area currently working freelance with no representation.

    The reason I say I am in a UNIQUE situation is because of my specialty in architecture. Most Reps on this site are fashion/advertising/commercial.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a few Reps that work with architectural photographers or would like to?

    I have 10 years experience in visual media and and education in architectural photography from the world renowned Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA.

    Please take a look at my website and feel free to shoot me a quick e-mail.
    Thanks a Ton!


  72. I can’t seem to find any in Orlando or Tampa. I’d love to know from current agents what I need to do to bulk up my portfolio and do I need to move to agencies area?

    Would love advice. Thank you.

  73. This article is a huge helper for young photographers. Thank you.

    I am currently seeking an agency or agent in Europe or USA to represent OUR work. I say our, because we are 2 young photographers working always as a team. This can only be a great plus for the clients, who receive the best results.
    We specialize in fashion, beauty, advertising and concept projects. Please have a look at our portfolio.

    Any advices or help is highly appreciated.
    Thank you!

    • The Commercial Photographic Hub – Is a UK Web-based network supporting the commercial photographic industry promoting its members to industry buyers – Follow up on twiiter for website launch @_photohub

  74. Kevina Wilson-Bonds

    I am a new aspiring photographer located in DC looking for representation, any suggestions?

  75. Hi I’m searching for a good photographer reps in LA for commercial,potrait, and fashion, which one is the best for that. Thanks

  76. looking for international rep

    I’m a fashion photographer and D.o.P
    working beasecly for advertising,catalogues,editorials and beauty story..
    now i’m based in Milan

    I would like to increase my contact and clients
    so I looking for great agent that rappresent my work
    so i wish to meet people that can be interested on my job.

    if you know good people to know feel free to contact me .
    If you would like to view
    portfolios make an appointment or have any queries at:

    I would be gratefull for any suggestions.

    Please check out my web site:

    WAITING FOR YOUR feedback


  77. Throwing my name out there as well.

    Young Beauty photographer based in New York City. Shoot cosmetic, spa, beauty editorial, body and swim imagery. Have been published in Mens Health, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Upscale and others.

    Looking for a new rep as I am now in a new city and have no contacts here.


  78. We are a photo studio who specializes in room set, product and location photography. We custom build our sets and always have 6-10 sets on the floor at all times. We have an in house stylist, seamstress and prop room. We are conveniently located outside of NYC. We have over 20 years of experience and are looking to have peresentation. We do great work but need to get our name out there. We have worked with Samsung, Phillips, Benjamin Moore, 3-M, Lowes, etc. Any recommendations would be appreciated.