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UPDATE (here).

The Senate is “hotlining” the Orphan Works Bill at this very minute, which means it could pass within the hour.

PLEASE CALL BOTH OF YOUR SENATORS IMMEDIATELY and ask them to either vote NO or put a hold on the Bill.

S. 2913: Shawn Bentley Orphan Works Act of 2008

Whether you’ve called before, or have never called, this is is the moment, the second where it counts. This cannot wait, you need to call NOW.

This could be your last chance to make a stand for the protection of copyright.

Here is a link providing contact information for Senators/Representatives:


Thank you,

Constance Evans
APA National Executive Director

Julia Graham
APA|NY Regional Director

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  1. I called, got through to Schumer, but no answer w/ Clinton. Sent a few emails too. Thanks for the update. I’ve passed it on to everyone I know.

  2. This is indeed very important people. Protect our rights! Although I’m living in Europe my business will be affected if this goes through.

    Please put a hold to this nonsense!!!!


  3. Rob! So what has happened??? It’s morning now. Did the bill pass or not??


  4. Debra Weiss

    @9 – The bill has been put on hold for now. Since no prior notice is needed in order to “hotline” a bill, everyone must stay on top of this through the remainder of the legislative session. Continue to urge your Senators and Representatives to oppose these bills.

    @8 – Although Lessig is opposed to the Orphan Works bill, he is no friend to photographers.

  5. What a bizarre way to pass laws. You almost get the feeling that these lawmakers just sit around and wait for opponents/proponents to doze off to sleep, and stop watching the activity, and then BAM, they quickly put up a bill for a vote?

    Is it not more orderly than this? Shouldn’t there be a method that says, “The next time that Orphan Works is voted on will be six weeks from now, at 4pm?”, so that people can prepare, and be ready?

    Feels very sneaky and manipulative to me. As in, “They’re all out of town now — let’s put it up for a vote in ten minutes!”