Photoshelter Announces New Stock Photography Event

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July 20th is “Shoot the Day” and Photoshelter is throwing a huge event with classes, competitions and parties (here’s the website) and there’s plenty of stuff to sign-up for so get going cause it looks like spots are limited.

They’ve also got an interesting shoot competition happening where 20 PhotoShelter photographers will be chosen (after applying first) for fully staffed photo shoots. All photo shoot expenses will be covered, including location, prepping models, lighting, and analysis of images. A makeup artist, stylist, and photo assistant will be provided where possible. Not sure if that includes the traditional “Sushi, Wrap Dinner” where the photographer and photo editor try to get fired by eating and drinking the entire shoot budget in one sitting, but if it does count me in.

Additionally, PhotoShelter surveyed over 700 photo buyers, editors and art directors and discovered an urgent need for certain types of imagery in the global supply of stock Photography.

Can you guess what item from the following list was on that survey?

The answer is (here).

If that’s not enough, they also just launched a new feature called School of Stock (here) where photographers can go get skooled on the in’s and out’s of the stock photography business. There are sections on production, model releases, lighting and topics that buyers are interested in are explored in depth. There’s even a section for newbies that simply defines stock photography. Apparently the definition has changed (here) since I started in this business and stock is no longer defined as “shit leftover from a shoot that nobody wants.”

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  1. Can you imagine the “active senior” shoot? The thought of it makes me really uncomfortable.

  2. guess that’s why it’s untapped in the stock market. probably need some kind of waiver just in case there’s a lawn bowling incident or something.

  3. I think this is a great idea and I’ve been checking out Photoshelter’s School of Stock for a couple of days now. This is a great help for people looking at getting into stock photography.

    I’m going to try shooting “active seniors” and submit them to Photoshelter. Luckily I live in a very active/sports oriented town where there are actually active people over 50.

  4. Linda Mishler

    Gee…I’m 52 and more active than some of my friends in their 30’s & 40’s. Don’t think I qualify for “senior” yet but …maybe I should just take shots of my husband and I….most people our age do just like to sit around ;)