Virtual Car Photographer

- - Photoshoot

Ever dream of becoming a car photographer? Here’s your chance, visit Sexy Subaru to shoot studio shots of the 2009 Forester.

It’s so realistic that the assistants have already set up all the lights and then one of them drags a board over where, no surprise, the goddam art director has carefully laid out all the shots. Oddly, you’re shooting slide film and you only get 24 shots per setup.

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  1. I want to control the lighting. it’s fun. I figure before video kills portraits, comp rendering will kill still life.

  2. I’m guessing being in CO you probably don’t need another Subaru wagon in your life. But then again you are pretty far from Boulder.

  3. Taco Bell recently had a similar campaign. They advertised it in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. For fun, I went to the site, shot the shots, downloaded them and color balanced the images. I then created a really fun e-promo (telling them what else I could shoot) and sent it to their art director.

    A month later, their food made me sick. I guess for them, revenge is a burrito best served cold.

  4. That really was a great little marketing website. I’ve thought about doing a lightbox-style portfolio like they have when viewing the images, but I don’t think I would have been able to pull it of quite that nice, and I think it would probably get old if you’re viewing a bunch of images in a portfolio… I’ve got to agree that I was wishing I could move the lighting around and move the camera, but such limitations are to be expected I suppose. :-p