Breaking Through The Clutter

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Advertising is on a self destructive path where you need more louder ads to break through the clutter which in turn creates more clutter. Referral from trusted sources will soon become the way most people find things.

Asking another photo editor has always been one of the best ways to find a photographer.

Read all about it on Copyblogger (here).

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  1. Oh no,

    Are we all going to have to join our local chapter of BNI now??? :)

    But seriously Rob,

    Referral is a large part of my business and I have landed some great jobs because of it. Not because I had a snake-skin folio cover, or I drank at the right wine bar, but because I once did a great job for someone and they told somebody else.

    This also works in reverse if your an a…hole… :)


  2. If I think back over 25 years I can rank where jobs came from:

    1) Referrals (probably 100:1 over all others)
    2) Portfolio Reviews (face to face)
    4) Internet (online portfolio and blogging)
    3) Advertising (direct mail, Trade Mags., Etc)

    Referrals lead by a huge margin followed by face to face meetings. After that every other method falls WAY back. Internet is catching up though; mostly regional editorial/corporate.