Cleveland Museum of Art- Raja Deen Dayal

by Jonathan Blaustein Hello there. What am I doing here on a random Wednesday in February? Well, that’s a great question. So glad you asked. This is the first installment of a new feature we’re trying out here at APE. For nearly seven years, I’ve been reporting on art exhibitions and festivals, interviewing artists and […]

This Week In Photography Books: Piotr Zbierski

by Jonathan Blaustein Nostalgia is a funny thing. What is it, really? A state of mind? A sensation? An emotion? However we classify it, nostalgia is heavily responsible for the shocking shit-show that is the Trump Presidency. (I promise I won’t write about him every week.) Overwhelmed with longing for the past, a not-small segment […]

Brian Clamp Interview

Brian Clamp is the founder and director of the NYC Photo gallery ClampArt. Last summer, he was kind enough to take some time to share thoughts on the state of the gallery industry. Since we spoke, his new gallery space has opened at 247 West 29th Street in Manhattan. Jonathan Blaustein: How’s the summer treating […]

This Week In Photography Books: John MacLean

by Jonathan Blaustein It’s Monday morning, and the sky is gray. (It can be confusing, I know, as you’re likely reading on a Friday, when the weekend is at hand.) Everybody loves the weekend, but gray Mondays are about as fun as being the guy who has to wash Donald Trump’s underwear. Think about that […]

This Week In Photography Books: Claire Felicie

by Jonathan Blaustein Hope is a mentality. A state of mind. It’s not a thing you can touch, like a coffee table, or a bird’s feather. It’s in the air around us, like oxygen, but that doesn’t mean it’s always available. Hope is often there when you need it, but not always. Like now. The […]