This Week in Photography: Sitting for a Virtual Portrait

  All ________ people look alike. We’ve all heard the racist expression before, which has been applied to a host of ethnicities, and is clearly untrue. So it’s ironic that my doppelgänger in the photo world doesn’t resemble me at all. Like, we could not look much more different, while still being similarly sized humans. […]

This Week In Photography Books: Eric Etheridge

by Jonathan Blaustein Remember when people used to talk about the 24 hour news cycle? How quaint. These days, we’ve got a 60/60/24/7/365 news cycle, brought to you by the fine folks at Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc. Personally, I don’t submit to the Borg all the time. I jump off email and social media each […]

This Week In Photography Books: Bruce Morton

by Jonathan Blaustein Whether you realize it or not, this column has undergone a sizable change over the last few months. For five years, almost all the books we reviewed were borrowed from photo-eye in Santa Fe. They have a great selection of photo-books, for sure, but the types of books I wrote about were […]

This Week In Photography Books: Adger Cowans

by Jonathan Blaustein Over the last six years, I’ve become addicted to Arsenal Football Club, a soccer team that plays in London. It’s gotten so serious that I even write about the team, for fun, at 7am kickoff, a popular American-run Arsenal blog. It all started out innocently enough. After I sold a chunk of […]

This Week In Photography Books: Jeanine Michna-Bales

by Jonathan Blaustein Let’s face it: most photobooks are for photo geeks. Publication runs for most photobook publishers are very small: 500, 1000, maybe 3000 on the high side. As we’ve discussed through the years, in multiple interviews with artists and publishers, photobooks rarely make money, or even make their money back, and are often […]