Printed Portfolio Videos

Here’s something cool over on Wonderful Machine again. They’ve got a handful of their photographers printed portfolios as videos on their youtube channel (here). Very cool for anyone wanting to see how books are put together and not a bad idea for reminding an AB or AD of a book they liked.

The Evolution of Erik Almås and His Book

10,000 hours. We are entering the era of ten thousand hours. We’ve just left the era of tipping points, blinks and well, instant gratification/payoff and we’re headed for “ten years of hard work will get you somewhere.” If anything Malcom Gladwell–who wrote Blink, Tipping Point and now Outliers (which contains the 10,000 hours reference)–has the uncanny ability to read the zeitgeist and apply an idea to it that defines how we feel. I can feel it too. As a society we want hard work to equal success. We don’t want to reward people anymore who don’t put in the time and the effort.

Erik Almås is a successful commercial and editorial photographer. When I had a look at a presentation he gave about his career that had the evolution of his book I asked how is it possible to go from the first book he ever made to the book he has now. His answer. 11 years of hard work.

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