What is the collective?
I have been working with photographers over the internet for over ten years. It is a small group of photographers and every assignment is drawn from real-life assignments. The Collective is a group of photographers who continue on with the community as legacy members. If a student completes the course they are de-facto in The Collective if they want to be. I have worked with and trained over 500 photographers in the past ten years, and some in the book are from the very first class I did. The Collective is a name we gave the book to feature the work of any member who wanted to be in it. We have a loose collection of members from all over the world. There is no additional cost for them to be in the collective issues, and we are hoping for two per year.

Who printed it?
It is a Blurb Trade book. I am super happy with the quality of the paper and the printing. And the price makes it affordable.

Who designed it?
I designed it. My background is in photography and design. (I once owned a very large ad agency in Phoenix where I was a partner and creative director.)

I am a bit of a minimalist in design, just get the photographs onto the page and make the viewer feel welcome and comfortable. Simplicity makes it seem more ‘portfolio’ like.

Tell me about the images?
The photographs come from all over the world and from photographers with diverse and multifaceted portfolios. Each photographer has two pages, and they are limited to one photo per page. Some of the photographers choose to make a more commercial shot and some stay in the editorial/art approaches. It is up to each to decide their imagery.

How many did you make?
The initial print run was 60. The photographers purchase a copy or three as well. The price for the book at Blurb are wholesale, no money is being made on the sale of the books, we just wanted to share them in book form. https://www.blurb.com/b/10321996-the-collective-ii-fall-2020

What have you learned teaching these aspiring photographers over the years?
I have been a photographer for many decades, and my entire life has been spent in the creative arts – jazz musician, designer, photographer, creative director, and creative consultant. I watched how the system had changed from the traditional learn to use a camera / become an assistant / start business. Harder and harder to do with smaller staff, digital, and the internet’s help. All the information that would have been learned by working with a busy photographer is all but lost to those starting out these days. Especially to those who are over forty (over 25?) and I wanted to provide that education on what to charge, how to handle clients, creating a portfolio that works, shooting to layout, working with AD’s and designers, marketing, and much more and pass it on to people wanting to work in this trade. Most of my students are over 40, and all of them are working as much as they wish to.

The book is a reminder that there are many ways to enter a creative life, and from any age.

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  1. Thank you for the feature Rob! I found Donald Giannatti teaching on #CreativeLive several years ago. It was clear he knew his stuff so I signed up for his #project52pro system course. Over the years I’ve learned a ton along with a supportive P52 community. To have his project featured on A PHOTO EDITOR is huge for me. I’ve been a fan for years. Thanks again.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Rob and for the work you do. I’m very proud to be included in this book. Everyone’s work is top notch and Don’s support and mentorship over the years has been instrumental in getting all of us out there and working.

  3. I’ve followed A Photo Editor online for years and it’s such an honour to be a part of the Collective, and featured on the site!
    Thanks so much to Don for his tireless work making photographers at all levels better versions of themselves, and to Rob for tirelessly featuring and promoting photographers from so many genres, and giving them such an amazing platform!

  4. Excellent work. Well done everyone!

  5. One of my favorite posts on aphotoeditor.com πŸ™‚
    Thank you Don and Rob
    Congratulations to the collective

  6. I was thrilled to be included in this project, and I am honored to included among so many wonderful photographers. Don is an amazing mentor. Thank you for featuring Don and his collective project.

  7. This is awesome!! Thank you for recognizing all of us in Don’s wonderful group!!

  8. Thank you for featuring The Collective II. It is an honor to be associated with some of the most creative and supportive people around the world. Thank you Donald Giannatti for all that you have taught each and every one of us.

  9. Greetings from France Rob! I’ve been following your features since you pretty much started them – and I always look forward to seeing the work of photographers you share, as there are wonderfully creative and visionary people around the Globe, and thanks to you, you bring some of them to us. Stay safe, be Happy! AndrΓ©e

  10. Hey Rob this is so cool that you posted The Collective Thanks for the love. I am very honored to be apart of the collection.

  11. Hey, Rob much gratitude for all the tireless work you do for the photography community! Been a long-time follower so it’s so very cool to see the work of some of our P52 members shared on your platform! Very cool! Keep doing what you do!

  12. Thank you for shining the light on such an amazing group of photographers!

  13. Super very much a lot proud to be part of this amazing collective, and honored to be featured here !!! Thank you !!!

  14. Really enjoyed the review of that collective.

    See you on the next one.


  15. A beautiful collection and very inspiring! Thank you Rob, for putting this together. Congratulations to all involved!

  16. So happy to be a part of this. Thank you for featuring us.

  17. Hi Rob! Thanks for sharing our work and highlighting Don who’s behind all of it. I was searching for an online course that suited my learning style for a long time. Don’s interactive approach with weekly meetups and in-depth non destructive analysis is unique. It pushed my abilities really hard and helped me to learn a lot. Thanks again!

  18. Thank you for sharing this. This is a great group of photographers that I am more than proud to be a member of.

  19. Donald Giannatti rock.
    There are people who know photography and people “who know Photography” Donald Gianatti is one of the latter, an unsung hero to many.

    Privileged to have been mentored by Don.

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