Featured Promo – Pascale Weber

Pascale Weber

Who printed it?
I printed it at “Wir machen Druck” – www.wir-machen-druck.ch

Who designed it?
Graphic designer Lena Thomaka – https://lenathomaka.de/

Tell me about the images?
The chair picture was an editorial for the “SI Grün Magazine” in Switzerland. The story was for summer issue in May. And also the picture with the vase. The keychain was designed by Julian Zigerli – https://julianzigerli.com. The cosmetic pictures were a personal editorial with stylist Victoria Steiner – https://www.victoriasteiner.ch and also the picture with the cat. And the bag picture was created in collaboration with the designer RAËLLE ZURICH – https://www.raellezurich.com/.

How many did you make?
I made just 50 prints but I need to print more they almost finished. :)

How many times a year do you send out promos?
I try to send a newsletter every two months. And I am also at Gosee and always send them my latest projects.

Do you think printed promos are effective for marketing your work?
Yes, of course. I always have a few cards or this new promotional flyer with me. It is always nice to leave a printed card after a meeting. And I also think people like to have a printed version in their hand.

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