Nick Murway

Who printed it?
MagCloud. I like that you can order just one copy for a few bucks to get a feel for it and see how everything looks before ordering the rest. I’m sure other places out there do this, too, but I’ve always been happy with them. I’m thinking of using Newspaper Club for Q2, keeping the design similar but having a different sort of format/paper for each one.

Who designed it?
So my pals over at GRIP did a little brand overhaul for me about a year and a half ago. That’s where the logo, color choices, typefaces, and icons come from. I did the edit/layout/design of the piece itself.

Tell me about the images?
They’re from a couple of favorite client projects from Q1, as well as some personal projects. I mostly work in the food/beverage world, so there are some from a library of images made for a new restaurant, a project for a smaller fast-casual restaurant chain’s rebrand here in Chicago, which was a collaboration with an agency, and some fun food-related personal projects.

How many did you make?
I did 50 for this first round. I’d like to do more for the next round. I sent them to some previous/current clients, some friends, some agencies and industry people I thought might like them and sent out a little blast on Instagram for anyone who wanted a copy, just for fun. I have a handful left if anyone wants one!

How many times a year do you send out promos?
Building off of the quarterly report idea, I’m going to shoot for four this year. It’s been kind of wonderful breaking the year down into four parts, kind of checking in on what client work I’ve shot, what personal projects I’ve worked on and asking questions like, who have I connected with, have I traveled much, what would I like to include in that next “report” etc. in three month chunks. For me, it’s made thinking about the whole year seem a little more manageable.

Do you think printed promos are effective for marketing your work?
I hope so! Like everything, be it a printed piece, an email, an Instagram post, you send stuff out into the world and hope people like it, but you mostly never know, even if they do. I have had a handful of people reach out, as they are hyped on receiving something in the mail. I really do think there is something kind of wonderful about holding something tangible. In the past, I’ve frequently made little zines from trips just for myself and am now applying it to my work. You have something that sits on the shelf that you can grab and flip through, rather than just a bunch of digital photos buried in the archive.

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