Photo by Steve Herbert for the New York Times

For 75 years Dwyane’s photo lab in Parsons, Kansas had been processing Kodachrome film. It’s closing in 2010 inspired many photographers to make the trek to the lab back then, and more recently, a Netflix film called Kodachrome.Β  The New York Times published an article in 2010 about the lab’s closing and it sparked the idea for the film. The last roll of Kodachrome 64 was handed to none other than Steve McCurry, a long time fan of the film, and you can read about his process along with the 36 images he shot here. Closing credits from the movie include McCurry’s images below

Photography by Steve McCurry: Villagers Celebrating the Festival of Holi, Vrindavan, Rajasthan, India, 1996

Photography by Steve McCurry: Djenne, Mali

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  1. Kodachrome on Netflix was NOT a documentary. It was a terrible movie that was a disservice to the film. You may wish to update the article accordingly.

    • ^ Yup. Came for this. SKF knows of what they speak. Damn, we WISH it was a documentary.

  2. I enjoyed the movie!

  3. I concur, the movie was pretty lameβ€”embarrassing from the viewpoint of someone who was in the business.
    A good documentary on Kodachrome would be a great idea, visually and historically.

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