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Marie Claire

Creative Director
: Kate Lanphear
Fashion Director: Joseph Errico
Accessories Director: Julia Gall
Director of Photography: James Morris
Photographer: Lynette Garland

Heidi: Did you cast the models as well as style them and shoot them?
Lynette: Yes, I like to chose the models myself so that they suit the feel of the shoot that I have in my head. The mood I wanted to create was a kind of low key sensuality, hence using the underwear and hosiery, which I asked to be called in. It was Kate Lanphear at Marie Claire who suggested the idea of using the natural elements/woven accessories.  I always have a pretty firm idea of what I want the images to look like, so on the day of the shoot  it’s mainly about putting all the different aspects together. I tend to work quite fast with very few people around. I’m always trying to keep it instinctive.

How long have you been doing both photo and styling?
Around two years or so. Initially I was using my i-phone to create images just for myself. It developed from there, really. People saw what i did and liked it.

What type of direction did you get from the magazine?
I had certain pieces that needed to be shot but other than that Kate gave me complete freedom.  Basically, she liked my work and trusted me to do what I do.

What do you look for in photo compositions?
It depends on the subject, really. I do like to crop into the image and home in on certain details. It’s often about creating a mood by being a bit more abstract.

What are you inspirations?
I like photographers whose work is intimate and looks natural –  Saul Leiter, Joan Colom, Raoul Hausmann.



Heidi Volpe

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