Gentl And Hyers

Who printed it?
We had them printed in Canada by Hemlock. They print Gather Journal whom we work for, so we were familiar with the quality.

Who designed it?
Caleb Bennet designed the promo. It is the first one in a series. We met Caleb while he was at Traveler when he designed several of our favorite stories.

Tell me about the images?
We are known for our food and still life but shoot so much more than that. We wanted to send out a promo that featured our travel work and a deep dive into a culture we are inspired by, this one being Mexico. The work is from both commercial jobs and personal trips. We also wanted to show our love for portrait and travel photography to those clients that only see us as food and still life photographers and to showcase light which is very important to us. We see light the same way whether we are making a portrait on location or in the studio. For us, travel inspires everything we do. We look for light out in the world and then recreate it in the studio. We see and talk about light constantly.

We liked the idea of keeping the promos to a particular subject or place. The next one up is β€œFamily” and while it is also portrait heavy it is more lifestyle and very personal after that will come India another country we have been to countless times and a place where we deeply connect. Caleb will be designing all of them and the circle will continue to be a theme. We saw it as a loose reference to a globe.

How many did you make?
We made 200. We would have liked to print more but they were a little costly. It was the first promo we sent out after switching agents so we wanted to make something special. We sent it to return clients and to new and targeted clients.

How many times a year do you send out promos?
We will print 3 others this year.

Do you think printed promos are effective for marketing your work?
We think the promos were successful, they were meant to inspire more than to be a direct link to work.

We have had several requests to sell the promo so we may think about doing that later this year when we roll out a series of travel prints which will be available for purchase.

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