Is Havas hiring influencers at all and if so, how do they find them? How many followers does someone need to have in order to be considered an influencer?
We are hiring a lot of influencers! Our creatives find them directly on Instagram, sometimes they give me the person’s Instagram handle and I have to dig to find contact info or a website. I’ve seen influencers with anywhere from 50k-500k followers, it depends on if we’re paying for their influence or just hiring them as a photographer. Lately, I’ve been suggesting that photographers increase their following and post their work on Instagram. They should be using Instagram as just another portfolio tool, it’s a great way to show a cohesive body of work. Start a separate personal account for dog and kid pics.

Do you think this trend is going to continue or so you see signs of it evolving?
I think hiring influencers as photographers is a trend, the technical ability and production sense that photographers bring to the table is worth so much more. I think it’s going to take a while for clients to see it since a lot of them are just starting to get their feet wet in this medium. 

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  1. Between 2013-2015 I successfully licensed stills for IG usage at $2500 and cinemagraphs at $3000. Last year that dropped off the radar completely. I bid on three major campaigns that wanted produced IG content cheap. Here’s three gigs that I didn’t do –

    A major liquor brand asked me to deliver three finished cinemagraphs with professional talent, staged scene in studio for under $6000 which was impossible to do.

    A major cosmetics company asked me for a rather complex cinemagraph with four separate loops in a sequence, produced, for $1500.

    A major camera company asked me to create two videos, 20+ stills with worldwide usage. I was to be in the videos so license my likeness plus the usage all produced. Bid came in around $147,000 which they asked if I could trim some. I did to $110,000 then they came back and told me they had someone do it for $30,000.

    Instagram has peaked out but the the brands don’t get it yet. They will in a couple of years. Problems are – followers with 50-100K followers charge at most $300-$400 per image, some do it for free even and most will do it for product trade. Brands that want quality work are quickly finding that these IG shooters can’t light, can’t direct and can’t make something from nothing which pros can. The crazy thing is there’s no replacement network on the horizon for Facebook and Instagram although they peaked out. For those that made huge followers early on they’ll be smart to raise their prices since the algorithms will not allow anyone to get mass followers even if you sponsor posts.

    The future though, is the past.

    • Thanks for the comment. This is very helpful.

    • Wow Giulio, I couldn’t say it any better – you took everything I wanted to say, and did it better. Thank you.

  2. Quality images come from qualified people with a catalog of work to support them. People who ask me to recommend anyone in the field know the cost of good photography and don’t skimp. They get more from their work day, they come in on budget and in time and it costs less in problems. As new people are not always time tested, they can’t tell you what they don’t know how to do yet, or how long their mistakes will take to correct. It is a trend and only the hearty will survive it. IMHO

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