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Dominic Perri

Who printed it?
I used Nations Photo Lab to print the piece.    

Who designed it?
I designed it myself.

Who edited the images?
I have a few photographer and designer friends that I asked feedback after I made my initial selects, but for the most part it was me.

How many did you make?
I printed 100 and sent out 60. The other 40 I kept to use as leave behinds.

How many times a year do you send out promos?
I try to send out at least a postcard every 3 months or so to keep my work in front of creatives.  This was my first “special” promo

What made you decide to include the coffee? ( certainly it was well received )
Creatives receive so many postcards and mailings a day I wanted to send something that someone would remember getting. It was also a great ice breaker for follow up calls and emails.  Also, I love Share coffee and love supporting local businesses so this collaboration was a no brainer for me.

What was harder, choosing the images or choosing the coffee?
I shot so many images of the roasting, and cupping process over at Share it was really difficult.  Picking the coffee was actually easier.  Share has a few different types, each with a different color label.  When we were shooting I realized that one of the bags had the same color blue as my logo.  I wanted to keep everything consistent so we went with that one.

Who and how did you decide who to send the promo to?
I have a list of people and agencies I really want to work with.  I worked off that list.

Heidi Volpe

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