A reader sent me this question awhile back:

Lately I have been hearing about photographers with ” vision” or “photographic voice”. I guess with everyone being able to do everything technique is kinda not as important as vision? Some quotes I’ve read heard recently”true style is vision” “those who are in demand have vision or a voice and people want to buy into that”. So my question is…what do you think photographic vision or voice is? And who do you think displays it? What photographers would you point to who have “it”?

and then I ran into this interview John Keatley made with his agent Maren Levinson and I think it has some good advice on the questions asked:

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  1. I equate “vision” or “voice” with the lifelong process of honing your eye to show us what you see, specifically what drives you wild with joy or affirms your place in the world just by shooting it- your reason to live. This might intersect with a “style” which can be intrinsic to your work, or might just be a technique you practice. Therein lies a trap in which a style perfectly rides a cultural wave and becomes both super popular and defines the photographer. That is often the fastest way to stardom but can end in tears when the style fades. Old Hollywood truism applies here: “Who’s X? Get me X! Get me that guy that shoots just like X! Who’s X?” So you gotta go deep into what you are truly passionate about to survive long term. IMHO. :)

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