Technology has so democratized image-making that it has put the artistic power once mainly associated with aristocrats—to stylize your image and project yourself to an audience as desirable—into everyone’s hands. (Although the parallel to art as “celebration of private property” is probably most vivid in the case of those who most closely resemble modern-day aristocrats. See: “Rich Kids of Instagram”). But images retain their function as game pieces in the competition for social status. “Doesn’t this look delicious?” “Aren’t I fabulous?” “Look where I am!” “Look what I have!”

Source: Instagram and Art Theory – artnet News

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  1. “Doesn’t this look delicious?”

    I know that’s the motivation usually ascribed to food photos, but in my case, it’s more of a public service.

    “You know all the flowery language on the menu about what you’ll be served? Yeah, ignore all that — here’s what you actually get.”

    Sometimes it looks delicious, sure. Sometimes… not so much.

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