There are stylistic trends in art and in literature, and everyone acknowledges them. But rarely are they cited in photojournalism, perhaps because people still cling to the idea of photography as an objective or neutral medium that captures a shared truth. There is nothing remotely objective about photography. Where I stand, how I got to that spot, where I direct my lens, what I frame, how I expose the image, what personal and cultural factors influence these decisions — all are intensely subjective.

via Object Lessons | Spring 2014 | Columbia Magazine.

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  1. Fantastic. Talk about powerful.
    Definitely one of the best articles here at APE.

  2. Knowing what questions to ask around such huge, complex social issues are tough and the answers, even more difficult. Affecting real change usually involves extremely hard work and hard choices. There are no shortcuts. Thanks, Nina, to you and your Noor colleagues, for making an impact, especially when it comes to issues involving the treatment of women and children – not to mention the environment – the world over.

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